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"E-medica" today  (since 2014)  "E-medica" today (since 2014) Minimize
   Today, the project "E-medica" is implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport; Agency for Vocational Education and Training and the Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, a year in participation with about 300 students and teachers from 35 secondary schools in Croatian and abroad. Within the project, the students realized around 40-45 joint student projects, 30 students exchanges and a dozen video conferencing during the school year.
    In addition to the 25 medical schools in the Croatia, the project has sparked interest beyond our borders, so joined four Slovenian medical school (Maribor, Ljubljana, Celje and Novo mesto), two schools from Serbia (Belgrade and Sremska Mitrovica), and Secondary medical schools from Skopje, Macedonia. Due to the particularities of the project joined us and Croatian eight partner schools, secondary schools that are not medical professionals.

    Since the project "E-medica" (2006) established as a
CARNet pilot project to date we have achieved respectable results in connecting and innovative use of new IC technologies in vocational schools, linking communities, promoting new knowledge and learning, and the use of video conferencing in vocational teaching.
    The "E-medica" was one of the main reasons that
three years ago Medical School Ante Kuzmanic Zadar, as the project leader, was promoted to one of the 70 worldwide Microsoft Innovative Schools, and the project was presented at the Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Education Forum 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa.

E-medica  (project of networking medical schools in Republic of Croatia and abroad)  E-medica (project of networking medical schools in Republic of Croatia and abroad) Minimize

Continuing the success of the project "Knowledge without Borders", a Medical School Anthony Kuzmanića Zadar and Medical school in Ljubljana, Medical School Anthony Kuzmnaića Zadar launched this project 2005th year with a desire to de gained positive experiences Vocational connect the Croatian medical schools and their students and teachers of vocational, medical, objects into a single virtual community. Our aim is to exchange experience leaves, enable, educate and encourage the introduction and application of modern information and communication technologies (ICT) in daily educational process of Croatian medical schools, as well as improving the quality of vocational education to students and teachers.

The project is conducted through five segments of cooperation:

Student exchange would be implemented through a group of students (5 -15) that stayed with their peers (third grade, and attended regular classes and professional practice in these new environments.(More about this part of the project)

Making common dukacijskih Website (portal project), then be edited by students and teachers. They will make the news and activities of the Croatian medical schools, news related to the exchange of students, students' projects, joint works, sub-projects, students and teachers, and through forums provide communication..

    Net-meetings and mentor students would be done weekly, or as needed, and make them open to students and mentors at work on some professional projects. (More about this part of the project)

Professional video conferencing, depending on the technical requirements of schools, would be driven by a month and would be a certain theme. Speakers would be visiting medical specialists and vocational school teachers. (More about this part of the project)

Review "Days of E-medica" - an annual gathering of students and teachers who have collaborated on some projects in the past school year. In the three days of the Festival students present their school and their joint projects, socialize, and find partners for new projects. (More about this part of the project)

        Project "E-medica" a virtual community of the Croatian medical schools, which is based on the development of an educational portal for all medical schools of Croatia. His main aim was to connect community health schools, exchange of educational content, communication and promote the use of ICT in the daily educational process. On it that includes news from all Croatian medical schools, educational facilities and exchange ideas, develop joint projects, communicate, and is the basis for creating e-learning content.
        As the project is supported by Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, Microsoft Croatia and CARNet, that they are expected to help in the realization of the entire project "E-medica"..

The project would be implemented in three phases::

  • Phase - the structure of the project (until May 2006.)

    • Presenting the idea of ​​"E-medica" the meeting of the Heads of Medical Schools Croatian
    • Determination of project managers in each health school
    • By January 2006. year there will be a meeting of all project managers from various medical schools to an agreement on:
      • Preliminary plans for the project "E-medica"
      • Dynamics of project management
      • Task Manager
      • Site by "E-medica" and its structure
      • Portal content "E-medica"
      • Dynamics and the way student exchange
      • Technology and leadership Net-serve every meeting
      • Participation in the meetings of the Net-Sub-projects
      • The opportunities and terms of the possible implementation of video-conferencing
      • Educating project managers in schools
  • Phase - initial implementation (until June 2006.)

    • Further technical requirements for schools (video-conferencing equipment and servers School)
    • The entire structure of the portal "E-medica"
    • Confirmation editorial rights to the portal "E-medica" (approved publication)
    • Development of joint projects group of students
    • Exchange of groups of students
    • Realization of professional video-conferencing
    • Education project manager (all elements of the publication of news papers and on the website, Net-meetings, video conferencing, e-learnin contents)Cjelokupan ustroj portala "E-medica"


  • Stage - the independence of the "E-medica" (December 2006.)

    • Autonomy project led school coordinators and managers
    • Analysis of the content posted on the Website "E-medica"
    • Autonomy functioning portal "E-medica"
    • Calendar of further exchange students
    • Further training of project managers and coordinators
    • Preparations for creating e-learning content
    • Further technical equipping of medical school in order to better project implementation
      Presentation of the project at seminars, workshops and conferences.

      Project manager "E-medica"
      Edin Kadić, professor mentor

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