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 7th Meeting leaders and kooordinatora (Duga Uvala) Minimize

Report from the meeting of coordinators and project managers
the Croatian medical schools, foreign and partner schools

Duga Uvala, November, 11, 2012

Present: E. Kadić, V. Elveđi, A. Czwyk Marić, Z. Šimunović, A. Vidoša, N. Šnidarić, K. Božak, I. Milutin, M. Perinić, K. Butući, B. Šavora, R. Božić, D. Bašić, Ž. Holjević, A. Acalin, A. Mišković….


1. Reflections on the Festival "Days if E-medica 2012"
2. Plans for 2013
3. Questions and suggestions
4. Suggestions for new topics/titles projects

Ad 1.
   Project Manager E. Kadic thanked all coordinators, managers and supervisors on their efforts and the work of the realized projects that have been successfully completed and presented this year. We all noticed significant improvements and quality improvement compared to previous work (in compliance exposure - time and unique presentations regardless of the number of schools in collaboration). Certainly the increasing quality of our work and the results are a reflection of progress in cooperation and agreement.
   It was unusual to see only one school headmaster (Z. Radman, Secondary School Bedekovčina) of all twenty schools that applied and presented at this year's festival. We would like that school headmaster be more present, even if only on presentation of the school and the opening of the conference.
   All planned activities - Presentation School, project presentations and lectures for teachers and sports games and entertainment have been successfully implemented.
   It was agreed that all operators as soon as possible submit conclusions projects (valid for all completed projects) and Edin said that the English version of our website will be made and invited all those who can and know how to join and help in translating so far published content.

   We talked about organization of the following Festival and selection of meeting places. There have been suggestions for Dubrovnik, Zadar to Plitvice, and we have shared responsibilities and provision of information. We need to keep good price and location that meets the needs of participants in parades and joint activities.
   Was also agreed that the deadline for registration of new projects is December 20, 2012 and then another month for the conclusion of cooperation and finding partners / associates, in order to projects be done by September 2013.

   On the question of whether non-medical school can be a carrier of the project - we agreed that it was okay, but as it is now within the theme the medical profession must be included.
   It is posed the question of evaluation and overlapping themes. If the theme was through these six meetings processed can be repeated with a different approach and cooperation. All topics are available on the site, and the majority of materials and should be studied before a decision as yet not to repeat the same activities and approaches.

Reported topics / titles of projects, stakeholders and collaborators - November 11, 2012


A school that is leading the project

Registered Partner Schools:

1.  Botox and hyaluronic fillers

- SMUGS dr P. Karagjozov

- Medical School Bjelovar

2.  Electrotherapy
- Medical College Zagreb - Medical School Bjelovar
3.  Homeopathy in the treatment
 of acute gynecological diseases

- SMUGS dr P. Karagjozov

4.  Games that we forgot - Secondary School Bedekovčina - Medical College Zagreb
- Medical School bjelovar
- SMUGS P. Karagjozov Skopje
5.  In order to avoid unnecessary
 Cosmetic Surgery

- Secondary School Bedekovčina

- Medical School Varaždin
Medical College Zagreb
- Medical School Bjelovar

6.  The history of health care to
 21 century in Croatia
- Medical College Zagreb - Medical School Bjelovar
- Medical School A. Kuzmanića
7.  What Internet does to our

- Medical School Bjelovar

8.  Uniform nurses

- School for Nurses Vrapče

- School for Nurses Vinogradska
- School for Nurses Mlinarska
- School for leather, textiles and design Zagreb



- School for Nurses Vrapče

- School for Nurses Mlinarska
- School of Contemporary Dance A. Maletić Zagreb

10.  Application of Sign Language
 in the profession

- School for Nurses Mlinarska

- Maritime School Zadar

11.  Eugenics -Medical School Bjelovar - Medical College Zagreb

     All the above please complete the application form, as well as all others that are not listed here that project immediately report on the form and sent to: zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr

Proceedings compiled: Zlatica Šimunović  
Translated from Croatian: Andrea Jović (IV. C)

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