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Report from the 8th meeting in Zadar (March 2013)  Report from the 8th meeting in Zadar (March 2013) Minimize

Report from the meeting of coordinators and project managers
the Croatian medical schools, foreign and partner schoolsa

Zadar, March 18, 2013


  1. Edin Kadić (Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanić Zadar)
  2. Verica Elveđi (
Secondary Medical Schoo Ante Kuzmanić Zadar)
  3. Antonela Czwik Marić (Medical School Split)
  4. Zlatica Šimunović (
School for Nurses Vrapče)
  5. Danica Perše (Medical School Maribor)
  6. Aleksandra Acalin (Medicinska i kemijska škola Šibenik)
  7. Snežana Žaja (Medical School Šibenik)
  8. Suzana Đanić (Srednja škola Bedekovćina)
  9. Natalija Šnidarić (
School for Nurses Mlinarska)
10. Marina Čajić (Medical School Viktorovac Sisak)
11. Ljiljana Borić Miklin (School for Nurses Vinogradska)
12. Vesna Božić (Secondary Schol Pakrac)
13. Ana Tidlačko (
Secondary Schol Pakrac)
14. Marin Perinić (Maritime School Zadar)
15. Marija Čupić (Medical School Dubrovnik)
16. Aleksandra Aleksandra Skopje -videokonferencijski


  1. Report on the work of the past year 2012 and plans for 2013 year (Edin Kadic),
  2. Report on the implementation of the Fair "Days of E-medica 2012" And the division of certificate / thanksgiving (Verica Elveđi)
  3. Plans prepared for the 7th Festival "Days of E-medica  2013“
    • Place and date of realization 7th Musters "Days of E-medica  2013
    • Plans prepared for the Festiva "Days of E-medica  2013" (Project presentation, school, stalls, workshops, lectures)
  4. Applications of joint projects  (Zlatica Šimunović)
  5. Announcements realization of exchange students  (Zlatica Šimunović and Verica Elveđi)
  6. Plans implementation of new video conferencing  (Antonela Czwyk Marić)
  7. Miscellaneous    

    The meeting started around 10:00 pm with informal greetings from project manager Edin Kadic and discussions on activities around projects, new plans of student projects and student exchanges.
   We have stated that the Medical School from Sisak and Ljubljana again actively joined in the project E-medica, and also the Economic and Administration School Bjelovar and Middle School Čazma, indicating that interest in the project E medica growing not only among medical schools but is increasing interesting in other vocational schools. After the arrival of several coordinators who were late due to traffic, the meeting formally began around 10:30

Ad 1.
    After the introductory and greeting part and compliments for the last actions of the majority of schools, leaders and coordinators, and special emphasis on very high-quality exhibition "Days of E-medica" in which all the participants have contributed a lot of success, project manager Edin Kadic unveiled a new and improved website the portal E-medica. He noted that the portal is now bilingual (Croatian and English) and warned of the small problems that are still occurring at sites in English, especially about the translation.
   He appealed to all the coordinators to collaborate in editing pages to review and update all the information about their schools, data coordinators, managers and mentors from their schools, which are found under the link "Contacts" and the site of the school E-medica (left menu).  He noted that it would be good to put on the website of E-medica project managers data, and how we all communicate with each other more easily (especially if there was some changes in data, e-mails, phone numbers).
He noted that these changes should be written in both languages (English and Croatian) and than directly pass it on
email: e-kadic@medskolazd.hr, and he will enter and update contact information on the web. He will also be using this data for each coordinator, leader and mentor to register on the site E-medica to have wider access to contents as registered users.
   For now, the permition for editing pages have Antonela and Zlatica, so the process of storing content on the portal would be able to accelerate soon. Schools are invited to review their school materials on the web and translate them in English. It is possible to add new presentations, recordings, or something else, what they consider that would be useful to set up a site and made available to the public.
   The old projects should be translated in English, so that they become available beyond the Croatian borders. All materials accompanying our projects (videos, presentations, etc.) will be recorded and published on CARNet’s portal.skole.hr . In this way, our presentations, the works of our students and teachers will become available to the general education of the public.
   It is recommended that students have written about the exchanges, reports from the projects and related activities of E-medica project and to translate them into English, and all under the guidance of teachers.
It would be good that students from particular school translate in English previously published contents on the E-medica site, under the guidance of teachers of English (for that they can and give an assessment of the commitment).
   It is the best to copy text from a Web page in Word then the translated word document sent to Kadić to adapt to HTML and published on the English web site.
   For the simplicity of installation, all materials should be written and sent to the MS WORD.

   The resumption of talks on joint projects applying clarified and emphasized that all project applications should be written on official forms  (Croatian version of the form and English vesion of the form), in both languages. These forms should contain the correct names and contacts of coordinators and managers (school, email, phone), and other required information, such as the objectives of the project, a description of the idea of completing the project, and other elements.
   If the old application of joint projects outdated or incorrect, it should make changes and send them to Edin.

This is important in order to better present each project to other interested schools and get better acquainted with him, and eventually decided to participate in it.
New materials: images, videos with exchanges can now be subsequently "attach" to the old project ... A good example of properly updating and monitoring of the project is a project Glagolitic Alley). It is recommended that accompany texts with as many photographs of various materials (video, audio) and description of activities, and because of that more interesting project, site, and also the promotion of what you are doing within these activities. It would be good to motivate students for these activities.

  As a small criticism, Kadic said that all our schools participating in the project E-medica should insist that their school site administrators to set up a link to them or the Official log (banner) of E-medice so that all students are more available to our site, but that as more and more affirms and informs about our project E-medica and all activities.

  Verica Elveđi briefly summarized Days E-medica 2012th and share certificates / letters of thanks to all the participants, mentors and schools.
   Presentations and papers which are better from year to year are commended. It was pointed out that the agreed time limit and method of presenting fully respected, and that the whole course of this presentation was far better and more interesting. Organizing is all perfectly done. as our friends from Maribor and Skopje were commended as well for their presentations were presented in the Croatian language.
   He also agreed to receive a certificate and leaders and mentors who were not at the Days E-medica, and participated in the project.

   We talked about the preparations for the Festival Days E-medica 2013th and possible locations because some schools have expressed dissatisfaction with the remoteness of Duga Uvala. As he said Kadic, all options are open, but be careful of the price board, conditions for accommodation and hotel rooms, dislocation.
   Through discussion came out a few suggestions: Cavtat, Tuheljske toplice, Primosten, Varaždinske toplice, Dugi otok, Plitvice and Duga Uvala ... For all the proposals seek to concrete offers.
   After collecting all offer all coordinators will be offered a list of hotels that meet our requirements and then each school will choose the best deal of your choice. From the answers will choose the location that collects the best grades, which most school chooses. In this way, we will choose the venue of 7th Musters "Days of E-medica".
   Coordinators have accepted a deal to create presentations on the 7th Festival again use a common presentation templates, and if schools are in need of a different design, then at least the first and last slide should be from a template. This will be a way to promote festival and work together, especially when all these papers are offered at CARNet portal.
   It was agreed to continue to encourage directors and managers to the E-medica as a National Project by the Ministry, and what the project deserves.
   The proposal is that the seventh Festival prepare presentations schools as well as last year, but it will be the same presentation "spin" on a video screen during the entire duration of the Festival. For this presentation, and schools can complement, extend his official presentation at the opening of the festival.
It will also continue with setting up and presenting the boards and stalls, workshops ... It was emphasized to them that for this festival should plan and prepare seriously, and has the time to submit their claims to the Organizing Committee, and to ensure adequate facilities and enough space to prepare technical requirements desks, electricity, labels ....
   Workshops for teachers have also proved to be very interesting and it was decided to continue the practice. For brevity of time to limit the number of topics, and the proposal is to be a maximum of 6 presentations of 20 minutes, but that must be precisely defined topic expert presentations teachers.
   Other workshops and presentation (such as last year we had a Pilates, yoga) have proven to be very interesting and it is proposed to continue, but he noted that they should be to check in to the Organizing Committee to be better framed in the program of the Festival.
   We adopted a proposal for the flag of E-medica as well as the flag of the Festival "Days of E-medica".

   Application of new projects have been completed.
   A total of 35 projects are in progress!
   It was agreed to April 7th 2013 još allow more changes and additions, and completely fill the application according to the agreement referred Add 1, in agreement with Zlatica Simunovic, which as a national leader synchronizes projects and sent for publication on the website.
   Completely filled out application forms, in two languages, project managers holders should submit Zlatica Simunovic to April 7th 2013.
   All projects that this year they did not find partners remain as announcements of projects for next year.

   For now it is realized only exchange between the medical school Ante Kuzmanića Zadar and Health in Potovalka Sole Maribor (teachers and students), but until recently they expect and mutual visits other schools involved in the joint project.
   Danica Perše announced a joint meeting in Maribor all coordinators / managers with whom the Health Potovalka Sole in Maribor involved in joint projects, and just like last year.

Antonella Czwyk Maric, videoconference coordinator again urged all schools to participate in the "Megaconference JR 2013."
   Applications for active representation is completed, and will attend medical school in Zadar, Split, Sisak and Vinogradska.
   Applications for participation are still going to 20 March 2013.
   There are plans for a new major video conferencing E-medica, lecture or physicians from Split (Hyperbaric chambers), thyroid surgery from the clinic Leptir, and some Dr. Dukić’s gynecological surgery from Zadar.
That's what everyone will be informed in due time and informed through our site.
   He also emphasized the need for better and more frequent use of Adobe conect on going development of joint projects. Through this tool students can informally socialize, meet, negotiate work and making a presentation, you will be better connected. Students tend to such communication and so we need to provide.
   Certainly, the demand for video conferencing and using Adobe conect to come by the project manager or coordinator, and as such, should be sent to Antonela that will provide technical support for the video conference.

The item "other business" is informally discussed and agreed on joint student projects, ideas and innovations, and methods of manufacturing and communications.

Proceedings compiled: Aleksandra Acalin
Translated from Croatian: Andrea Jović  (IV. C)

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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