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Report from the 9th meeting in Zadar (June 2014)  Report from the 9th meeting in Zadar (June 2014) Minimize

Notes from the meeting of coordinators and project managers

of medical school of Croatian and foreign and partner schools

The meeting was held Monday, June 23, 2014 year (11.00 hours) in the Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar.


  1. Edin Kadić, Medicinska škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar
  2. Verica Elveđi, Medicinska škola Ante Kuzmanića Zadar
  3. Zlatica Šimunović, Škola za medicinska sestre Vrapče Zagreb
  4. Aleksandra Acalin, Medicinska i kemijska škola Šibenik
  5. Snežana Žaja, Medicinska i kemijska škola Šibenik
  6. Danica Perše, Srednja zdravstvena in kozmetična šola Maribor
  7. Romana Predin, Srednja zdravstvena in kozmetična šola Maribor
  8. Renata Vukmanić, Srednja škola Pregrada
  9. Đurđica Stanišić, Škola za medicinske sestre Mlinarska
  10. Sandra Samošćanec, Škola za medicinske sestre Mlinarska
  11. Branka Langerholc, Srednja zdravstvena šola Ljubljana
  12. Mojca Simončić, Srednja zdravstvena šola Novo mesto
  13. Tanja Leskovšek, Srednja zdravstvena šola Celje
  14. Anika Vrhovec, Srednja zdravstvena šola Celje
  15. Konstantina Božak, Škola za primalje Zagreb
  16. Zlatka Kozjak Mikić, Zdravstveno učilište Zagreb

- Medical School Split - participated in video conferencing.
- Six schools participated via streaming.

The agenda of the meeting:

  1. Report on the work of the past in 2013 and plans for the year 2014.
  2. Announcements connection and cooperation of new schools
  3. Report on implementation of the Festival "Days of E-medica 2013"
  4. Plans prepared for the Festival "Days of E-medica of 2014"
    • place and date of realization
    • duration of the 8th Festival
    • plans prepared for the Festival "Days of E-medica of 2014"
  5. Applications of joint projects (Z. Šimunović)
  6. Announcements realization of exchange students (Z. Šimunović, V. Elveđi)
  7. Miscellaneous

   At the beginning of the meeting, the Director of the host school, Professor Davor Vidakovic, welcomed everyone and wished a pleasant stay and work in Zadar, and even better and more successful 8th Festival of "Days of E-medica 2013".
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    Edin Kadic praised the successes and work on projects in the past school year and reported on the experiences of implementation tasks to the organization and propaganda the Festival Days E-medica 2013th in Tuhelj. He urged other coordinators, managers, mentors and school in general, that for the next Fair more involved and creatively participate in the preparation of programs, promotional activities, finding sponsors. We did not come to a conclusion and the specific tasks activities. All suggestions and ways of involvement are welcome.
   He suggested that because of exceptional interest, a growing number of joint projects, student, teacher work and other activities, the meeting of the Heads of Croatian medical schools to consider the possibility of extending the Festival for a day!

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Gymnasium Tituš Brezovački (Zagreb) is a new school and associate's Health School in Zagreb on the project "The heart as a symbol of health." .
Third gymnasium Split is a new school and the holder of the project "The impact of color on blood pressure of adolescents" in collaboration with the Medical School in Split. .
Medical School of Belgrade, in cooperation with Central Health Šol from Ljubljana works project "The process of health care"
Secondary Medical School Celje  joined as a holder of two of the "Living Life with Disabilities" and "Our Daily Bread" and announced a project "An idea - the idea of ​​a job"
Secondary Medical School Novo mesto decided to include cooperation on two projects "Volunteering as a way of living and thinking," and "Acute poisoning in children".

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    At last year's Festival Days E-medica 2013th presented to 23 schools, presented the 27 successfully completed collaborative projects and for teachers was held five lectures. The schedule was very tight, and again the question of the four options instead of the three-day Festival. We will one through the Association director of medical schools to try and agree a deal. A discussion about the need for fixing and moving deadlines. Changing the complete presentation at the Festival makes it difficult to organize. The proposals are still focused on shortening the very presentation and use of other forms and ways of presenting projects (posters, workshops, role-playing, etc. - depending on the topic and opportunities) which would also contribute to more casual schedule and the possibility of organizing activities such as sporting events, etc.

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    What are the plans for the organization of this year's Festival of concerns - location and dates we do not change. Tuhelj proved excellent choice (price, quality of service, hospitality and location that best suits the majority of schools participating). Was also the second weekend in November, a term that we retain - enough time to complete the projects.
   Very important information, especially for those who were unable to come or get involved in any way in this meeting:
ALL schools of project coordinators to July 15, 2014 should send a brief report on the project - which has so far been realized from the planned (phases of the plan) that remains to be completed, was held to exchange and when the planned ones that will follow.
   If there has been a change of staff, names of the leaders, students .... MUST resend the entire application form (in Croatian and English) with all amendments. All this in an e-mail project co-ordinators Zlatice Šimunović (

It was agreed that till October 15, 2014 should send all materials to the 8th Fair of 2014., namely:

  • as accurately as possible the number of participants (if possible names - students and teachers)
  • finished project presentation (background for presentation in time to be on the web site, e-mail sent to the coordinators)
  • description of alternative modes (for example, a synopsis of RPG, scanned the poster and so on)
  • If the school is planning to present to the stand, it is necessary to write an application for a booth, with a brief description of what you need this kind of representation such
  • presentation (video) on the representation of school

   Most of those present agreed that the presentation of the schools should primarily be focused on the specifics of the activities for which the school is recognized instead of a row of identical stories such as the layout of the school, etc. All presentations to schools depicting the entire duration of the Festival, students would only briefly announced a school for the first time to participate fully presented their creations.

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    National Project Coordinator Buttercup Simunovic presented all the projects that are in progress and the realization of all those present compared with published data on projects and collaborations. On page E-medica could be seen 43 reported the project - but all did not confirm activity in the project. After that and bring a conclusion to submit reports on the projects - so we corrected and accurately determine the total number of projects, which is important for further quality organization of the 8th Festival "Days of E-medica 2104."
   Nineteen school holders - holders of one up to six projects. At the meeting were representatives of eight schools and they urgently need to send the requested reportsa.

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    Analysis of the required reports will provide insight into the notice and planning and coordinating exchanges.
   All previous activities that have been sent are visible on the site. All who had the exchange and so far have not reported them to pray as soon as possible to send a short description and photos to email head of Natalije Šnidarić (

Notes led and compiled:
Zlatica Šimunović      

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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