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Impessions from Secondary School Bedekovčina  Impessions from Secondary School Bedekovčina Minimize
The 7th Days of E-medica were great! Everybody who had the chance to take part in the project got an excellent chance to learn a lot of interesting things and have a great fun. Everything went well and I'd definitely do it again.
Emil Sviben

It was very interesting to get to learn about new topics and broaden your knowledge. We were impressed by presentations of students from Slovenia and Serbia who have well-equipped schools and students' facilities. The event was enriched by the group GLOG from Secondary Health School Celje who performed their specific music! This was the most memorable part of the evening for me. It was interesting to study the culture of Dalmatia, Istria, Slavonia, Zagorje and, especially, our neighbours. Of all the interesting presentations, I would like to point out the much desired presentation on chocolate. All in all, we had great fun. We went home impressed by new friendships and experiences.
Sandra Horvat

The three days spent at Spa Tuhelj during ''Days of E-medica'' showed us that our effort we had put into making our projects was wortwhile. We were given the chance to show our knowledege, to exchange impressions and gain new friendships. This was another wonderful experience of learning and having fun. We are happy for having the opportunity to take part and we are looking forward to new projects and meetings.
Klementina Rinkovec

E-medica is a perfect place for getting to know and socializing with people from different parts of our country and abroad. Apart from having great fun, we also worked together and learned many things. We made new friendships, as well. This year's ''Days'' were great, and I hope next year will be even better.
Silvija Krajnik

E-medica is another new experience in my life. When I set off for this three-day journey, I didn't know what to expect. I only knew that our topic was ''Games we have forgotten''. E-medica ia a really interesting project that brings us together and makes no differences between people. We were able to learn a great deal of new things that were shown in students' presentations. I was quite impressed by music acts performed during the presentations – we were left breathless. I met many new friends during the event because our mutual interest is health care. Of course, the evenings didn't lack in fun and dancing. I have gained new acquaintances from both Croatia and abroad. Maybe we will meet again some day and exchange new experiences and ideas.
Valentina Horvat

It was wonderful! The topics were great. My compliments to the organizers!
Barbara Ratkajec
E-medica is a great project. It's both fun and educating due to really interesting topics and I hope it will stay this way. I'm sorry I won't be able to participate next year because I already like some of the topics. Alongside this educational dimension, there is also a great crowd! It is interesting to see our teachers outside school. I am grateful for their patience and effort! Lana Janeš
I am glad to have taken part in E-medica. The very idea of making this project is great because we can choose, work on and present our project topic as we like and, at the same time, we can have great fun and meet new friends. At the end, it was quite difficult to go home because we had become one big pool of projects, friendship and fun. We have become real 'E-medics'. I hope I will participate next year!
Lana Čehulić-Mezak

E-medica at Spa Tuhelj was another unique experience! Being surrounded by young people is priceless. It was a great honour to be part of the youth, the joy, the brains and the ideas. I wish many new E-medica meetings like this one.
Štefica Sukreški, advisor, Secondary School Bedekovčina

It is difficult to add anything else after all these beautiful impressions put together by our students! It was wonderful! The organization was supreme, the accommodation was great, presentations are getting better and better, students are more hard-working and full of energy, topics are more interesting and diverse, the acquitances are getting more interesting, and the socialising is getting better and better! This way, I would like to thank the organisation committee, coordinators and mentors who took part in realizing our projects. I also expect further successful cooperation, and l am looking forward to new ones! I would like to congratulate our students who have done their job supremely and I would like to thank them for wonderful moments! Having said this, I would like to add one more thing – I am looking forward to our future meetings and cannot wait for the next one!
Suzana Đanić, Secondary School Bedekovčina Coordinator

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