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Impessions from School For Midwifery and High School for Women - Sisters Of Charity Association, Zagreb  Impessions from School For Midwifery and High School for Women - Sisters Of Charity Association, Zagreb Minimize

   This year’s, now the 7th Festival "Days of E-medica 2013" was held in Terme Tuhelj and we had a great time. The idea of creating a virtual community has been developing and evolving, and the community itself has been getting bigger and better every year! We worked on our project throughout the entire year, organising various exchanges, meet-ups and debates. We made an effort to cover our topic in a way that was both interesting and educational and we were glad to see that the effort had been recognised and commended by the project’s organisers. Just like the other projects, we summarised our year-long work into a presentation filled with interesting photos and stories and presented it to the other students. We are so glad that we had the opportunity to participate in this year’s project because, in addition to the mutual exchange of knowledge, experience and creativity, we got to round off our project in the best possible way: by participating in a the three-day Festival at the beautiful Terme Tuhelj.

   We got the chance to meet peers from all over Croatia and beyond and enjoy various sporting events and the beauty of Tuhelj. We made sure to take advantage of all the activities organised after the official happenings, but somehow we always ended up splashing about in the pools instead of going out. We are going to remember our E-medica experience for a very long time: not only did we have a lot of fun, but we also learned many things about a wide range of topics and experienced some unforgetable lectures.
Marina Katušin and Daniela Bošnjak

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