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Impressions of student from Medical College Zagreb  Impressions of student from Medical College Zagreb Minimize

   On November, 8th we were headed to Tuheljske spa. Upon arrival, the first thing was the introduction of all the schools present. We were impressed the most by the new Medical School from Split. The most beautiful school we've ever seen.

   We met the other students, socializedand had fun with them. There has been a big surprise, a dance night organised specially for us. After the "well-rested"night, early in the morning the previously prepared presentations began.

   Our mentors were very pleased with our presentation and we won despite the stage-fright. For the effort invested in the presentation we won a free access to gymand swimming pool. As soon as we could, we went for a swim and having fun. In the evening we were again at the discotheque, dancing together with our teacher Ms. Radonic. It was brilliant! The three days we spent there have gone too fast and we would all love to do it again. Since all the people were very happy with the presentations, the suggestion was that the next time we should hang out again, not just three days, but maybe even for a whole week! I'm sure this experience will be very useful in our future lives. There aren't too many people who can hold a speech in front of 300 people, but we managed. Although we had a lot of fun and managed to consort with other students, the presentations had taught us a lot. In short, you may be sorry that you were not with us because we had a wonderful time and a lot of fun!

Eva Pančić            

3a pharmaceutical technician 

Medical College Zagreb

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