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Impressions from School For Nurses Mlinarska  Zagreb  Impressions from School For Nurses Mlinarska Zagreb Minimize

   The seventh "Days of E-Medica 2013" muster was the first one I have attended. It will remain in my memory as a wonderful experience. Even though it was hard for me to co-ordinate all the commitments I had in school, I realized that the time I devoted to the project payed off. The goal of the muster was to show the projects that we have been working on all year long. But, even though we've worked hard and put a lot of effort into our projects, they were not perfect. We have all been nervous and forgot our lines, but we had a laugh with each other. The muster did accomplish it's primary goal though, and that was to get different schools and students to work together, colaborate. And that they did, not letting the language barriers become an obstacle. We have all met a lot of new people, made new friends, had fun and learned a lot of new things. My personal opinion is that our biggest success was that we have succesfully proven a certain level of maturity, responsibility, and that we are ready to work and learn outside the school. I would like to thank everyone who work hard every year to make the project come true, and I hope that the project will continue for many more years and with many more partucipants. Nothing else to say but, see you next year!

Matilda Gegović, 4b

   At the E-nedica Festival I've met a lot of interesting people, learned new things and had fun. Taking part in the project was very demanding but in the end you realize it was worthwile. Everthing was well organized, all presentations were great.

Marina Pranjić, 4c

   It was three incredible days in Terme Tuhelj. We've learned a lot, met other schools, seen interesting presentations. Above all, we had a great time and made new friendships. Hopefully we'll see each other next year.

Bruno Kuzmanović, 4c

   First of all, I'd like to say that I felt really priviledged for participating at E-Medica and for being able to contribute with my own presentation. It was a totally new experience for me. I had no idea what it might be like to participate at such a festival. I was proud to present my project.
   Terme Tuhelj are an excellent choise for these kinds of festivals.
   I've been working very hard on the project and preparing my presentation. It was first time I had to speak in front of so many people.
   I'm glad so many schools from Croatia and other countries were there.
   We didn't only work, but we also had enough time to have fun and relax. As I've already said, Terme Tuhelj are the perfect place to recharge and unwind. The fact that the Festival has been attended by more and more people every year speaks for itself.
   We left Tuhelj full of impressions for being able to be part of such a big event. I'd highly recommend it to everyone because it really is rewarding.

Domagoj Purgar, 4d

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