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 1th Meeting of Programme-Organizing Committee (September 7, 2013). Minimize

   Dear participants of the project E-medice,

    Organizational and Program Committee of 7th Festival "Days of E-medica 2013" started in the final preparation, and collection and processing of information about this year's projects and exchanges, and to do all the preparatory work for the quality organization of our 7. Festival in Terme Tuhelj, from 08. to 10. of November 2013.

   To make things better and better prepare the program of the Festival, and to ensure quality technical support to all presentations and school projects please coordinators schools of project:

  1. as soon as possible, and as of September 20, 2013, confirming its application projects that will be ready for presentation at this year's Festival (zlatica.simunovic@skole.hr)
      • If it is no changes should only confirm the lists of projects and collaborators
      • If there are changes in project please re-fill the application form of the project (in Croatian and English)..
      • If you dropped some projects or presentations postponed for next year please notify us, and to those projects move from the "Projects" in "projects in the works" (a list with our site).
      • submit a proposal presentation of their school, and technical needs of the presentation - the way / form of presentation (PPT, movie, posters....).
      • Send an email application in which you specify the exact name of the school and the technical requirements!
  2. the deadline for submitting final presentation October 15, 2013.
    Applications not received by the specified date will not be included in the program of this year's Festival "Days of E-medica

  3. that had been realized exchange students presented and published on the site E-medica: Realized Exchange (if the coordinator of the school sent a report Zlatica or Edin).

    All schools that have done a student exchange in joint projects, which reports to the official website of E-medica until now have not forwarded for publication, please send them as soon as possible in order to prepare a comprehensive Report.

    Reports (Croatian and English version) with photographs sent on email e-kadic@medskolazd.hr.

  4. the timely preparation of the "Days of E-medica 2013", and the technical preparations at Terme Tuhelj, please coordinators of all the schools that to 01 October 2013 send the approximate number of participants (students and teachers) on email email of Verica Elveđi (verica-elvedji@medskolazd.hr).

    Normally, this is the only framework announced the number of participants and each school will be able to change until the finalizing of October 25, 2013.

    Please note that each school final report their students and teachers of the Festival participants directly Terme Hotel Tuhellj (soon expect application login accommodation!)

    The same list of participants is necessary to transmit and Verica Elveđi (verica-elvedji@medskolazd.hr), and the development of accreditation and publication of the list of participants on the official website of E-medica.

  5. It would be desirable that all the presentations prepared by the proposed templates posted on the site 7. Festival "Days of E-medice 2013"

       Please follow these timeframes obligations.

Organizational and Program Committee
7. Festival „Days of E-medica 2013“

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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