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Impressions schoolgirl from Schools for Nurses Mlinarska, Zagreb  Impressions schoolgirl from Schools for Nurses Mlinarska, Zagreb Minimize


Impressions schoolgirl from Schools for Nurses Mlinarska, Zagreb


   Review of "Days of E-medica 2014" is special because it attracts students of all schools to participate, continued work on the project, socializing and learning in a completely new way, and just learning the purpose of this gathering.
   This work is a unique experience and I think it should promote this type of learning in which all have assignments, participate in the preparation and presentation of their own projects.

Paula Filar, 4. D

   This year's 8th Festival "Days of E-medica" for me, it was a fascinating experience. The first time I participated and I can say that I am thrilled. Socializing with other participants it was incredible and viewing projects that are connected seemingly so different and distant schools.
   Let the friendship we've made through this cooperation remain for a lifetime. Learning through this atmosphere has very good results, much more remember. I hope that this experience again.

Dajana Benko, 4. A

   When we arrived I was very excited because I did not know what to expect, how will participants be and when your turn our presentation. After accommodation in rooms we met space or hall where will be the next two days to maintain project presentations at the Festival. In addition to the hall we took the place on its stand, where we presented the school and all the projects in which we are engaged.
   After the opening ceremony of the Festival on Friday, the second day we were waiting for a host of new information that we listened to in various ways; through presentations, role plays until monologue ... was becoming a more and more interesting. It is interesting moments, which continued on Sunday as well, but not only that. We waited and announcements of new projects in which we can become involved to continue with these wonderful companionship.
   I really want this year to continue at the same pace or even faster, in a new project with interesting learning new knowledge and making new friends. Photographs and the company I created a lot of beautiful memories that I will remember for a lifetime and that I hope that it will develop and more.
   Although hard, the festival also passed very quickly, and so we have been waiting for.
   But it is said, everything is pretty short runs, and this is just another proof.

Tanja Vrščak 4. D


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