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Impresions of students from Secondary School Bedekovčina  Impresions of students from Secondary School Bedekovčina Minimize

Impresions of Students from High School Bedekovčina

   I think that the E-medica project is an extraordinary opportunity to meet new people and to gain new knowledge. The organization was superb and the schedule was very effective. If I might criticize something, I think that the only fault has been to busy schedule, so I think that the meeting should last four days. The thing I like the most is international partnership and variety of topics.

Marko Čanadi

   I had a really great time during E-medica meeting! Through the other schools' presentations I learnt many interesting things which I hadn't known before. Regarding all projects, I saw the big students' effort. I also met new friends. They were all very kind and friendly. Together, we talked about topics related to our tasks and through the discussion, we came to one conclusion: three days weren’t enough! There was a little hard to sit so long, but with such beautiful projects it was very interesting, too. I would like that presentations and meeting last a day longer, that way we would have more opportunities to get to know each other better. After all, it was wonderful experience and I can’t wait the next meeting.

Magdalena Horvat

   This year „Days of E-medica“were very cool. I meet a lot of interesting and nice people of my age. I learned something more about my profession. The only thing I would change is the duration; I would like more if the meeting lasts for four days, not three.

Lucija Meštrović

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