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Impresions of students from Secondary School Viktorovac, Sisak  Impresions of students from Secondary School Viktorovac, Sisak Minimize

 Impresions from High School Viktorovac, Sisak

 How we managed to survive

   Tuhelj is not that far away, although it seemed different at first. Taking a train, a bus, walking, it was a piece of cake. It was important to get away, get out of the city, it was important to be the part of E-medica project, to represent our school, Viktorovac. It may sound corny, but that's the way it was. For the second year in a row we are a part of this great story. We are a member of a big family of medical high schools in Croatia and abroad. It feels nice, it's great to study from others or to teach someone else, it feels great to be a part of a team, to explore, to listen to others and to be listened to… Sometimes it is exhausting to work all day, but there are so many new things….Still….after we had finished our presentation and said hello to the people we knew, checked the guys out (the small number of male nurses), we made a decision to be hard-working students who would justify the trust given to them. We had to present our project, without a stage fright, look flawless (just in case), keep a close eye on our mentors Marina and Vesna and endure the pressure of every nurse in that crowded room. Would we make it? Were we good enough? Could we do it? Of course we could, we are Viktorovac high school. The first day ended. Exhaustion. Satisfaction. Fun. We weren't in the mood for fun, just bed…….and sleep…

  The second day came, Saturday. The lecture, lecture, lecture, If only our damn lecture was to come to an end. The thought of us being among the first lectureres was comforting. Our issue was the young people and their health, as well as a pollution which is always a current issue in our city. It was over. We did it! We did fine. Without exaggeration, we did great! Marina and Vesna were pleased. The weight was lifted off our shoulders. So what should we do now? Maybe enjoy the spa treatment, surf the Web or just sleep……maybe do some sports. We could do that, fool around a bit, jump in a sack, tug a rope..so we entered a competition named „What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!“. They were counting our sit-ups and push-ups so we didn't feel as enthusiastic as in the beginning. We survived that too, without being the worst. That fact made us feel proud. We didn't get any medal, just sore arms, legs and splitting headache to remind us of the competition in the following days. We couldn't even open the door to our room. Going dancing in the evening? Meeting some boys? No way, just going to sleep!

   The third day, Sunday. A couple of interesting medical lectures. The end. Departure. Departures are always sad. The fact that we won't be here next year because we will graduate made us sad. Others will take our place. Good for them. Taking a train, a bus, walking…..Sisak is not that far away…And the memories….Long live the memories and sore muscles!
   Well, what to say about E-medica project?? Only that it's three days of gaining experience, learning, having fun and making new friends (we use this way to greet all the other schools! Hellooooooo!!!!). It is amazing to be a participint of such a seminar, though it takes the entire year to prepare and then it ends in three days. The whole week wouldn't be enough to last for such a terrific atmosphere.
   We are not at all surprised that more and more people join the project each year. That is the reason why we had joined last year, took part this year and we'll be back next year. Well, not this group for we are about to graduate, but some younger students with some new projects. We will advise them to work hard because it pays off. They can learn a lot from these interesting projects and the young people doing them.

Greetings from Viktorovac high school       
Leonite, Antonije, Elizabete, Tee, and nurses Čaić and Herceg

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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