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Impessions of participants from 9th Review "Days of E-medica 2016"  Impessions of participants from 9th Review "Days of E-medica 2016" Minimize

 Impressions of participant from
Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanić Zadar

   Before we went to a "E-medica" meeting in Tuhelj, we tought that this trip is going to be filled with classes that will last whole day. We had some kind of hope that it will be different and it was. We went in the morning and while we were waiting for the bus rain cought us and we were soaking wet. In the bus there was some kind of akward silence. Everyone were still very sleepy. There were schools from Dubrovnik, Šibenik and Zadar. We didn't know anybody. In time we started to interact with one another and mood changed. It wasn't so depressive like time on the outside. As soon as the athmosphere was at the top we arrived in Tuhelj terms.
   After we managed in our rooms, presentations about schools that were there started. There were schools from all over Croatia, but also Serbia and Slovenia. We had hard time understanding Slovenians.
   In the opening our principal said that we are here to learn something but more important to have fun and get well
with eachother. And so it was. After dinner we went for a walk through a hotel and found out that there were party in a disco room so we went there, danced, singed and had great time with other students and proffesors.
It was our presentation tomorrow. We met our partners in project from Šibenik and practiced our presentation. Our subject was "moonwalking" so we were in pajamas. It was very stressing but as presentation started all faded away.
    After presentation finished we rushed to change our clothes. After presentations were over some of us wnt to the pool and others on crossfit. We "died" on crossfit so the pool cooled us of. It was wonderful time. We met people from Srijemska Mitrovica, Kikinda, Šibenik, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Bedekovčina, Zagreb and of course Zadar. We had fun all night long. We danced, singed, played darts... We were all frendly to eachother and behaved like we know eachother for 100 years. We liked the most schools from Serbia, because of the kulen they brought and for students of course. It was funny to hear many different accents in one small room. Long story short we had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Subjects weren't only about medicine but about all kinds of subjects.
    From "Days of E-Medica" we came back with dark circles around our eyes because of all fun and sleepless nights we had, but with many wonderful and positive expiriences and memories we will remember our whole life.

Petar Miličević, Anđela Zelić & Karla Pavlović, 1. C

   As part of the 9th Festival "Days of E-medica 2016" we spent four days in Terme Tuhelj. Just spas themselves provide great enjoyment for every visitor. A similar impression was also present with us, which greatly contributed to the atmosphere.
   Most of our students have already participated in the project of E-Medica, but there were also few of us who did not have that experience and it is normall that we were a little bit nervous. Soon, the next day we realized that the whole festival, from the organizers to all students, was in excellent, friendly atmosphere.
   This has had a great influence on our lighter, eventually better approach to work and a better presentation of the selected project. The schedule was perfectly aligned. In the morning after breakfast we had a few hours of very interesting presentations of the projects that "armed" us with knowledge in various fields. After lunch and an afternoon break, we had organized sports activities in which we all had fun, but had also burned calories. After dinner, we had organized "disco" and night swimming with a DJ.
   "Days of E-Medica 2016" was for each of us an unforgettable experience, but also an invitation for all to try to participate in the same and to continue to strive to new experiences.
   Many thanks to all the organizers and professors and teachers who have enabled us to participate at the Festival.

Josip Beretin & Violeta Bošnjak, 4. A

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