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Impressions of a students from High School Pakrac  Impressions of a students from High School Pakrac Minimize

Impressions of a students from High School Pakrac

From pages of High School Pakrac

   Students of the medical direction of our school, Lucia Jurković (4b) and Krešimir Putrić (4.Bm) together with mentors Daniela Štampf and Ana Tidlačko participated in a joint presentation of student projects at the 9th festival "Days of E-medica 2016." held in Tuhelj in the period from 03 till 06 March 2016.

   The first day of Thursday, March 3, upon arrival in Tuhelj pursuing the registration of students, mentors and other participants, and then all the medical schools in the Croatian part from abroad presented their school through presentations.
   During the opening ceremony of the 9th festival "Days of E-medica 2016." all the participants of this year's festival addressed Edin Kadic, Project "E-medica", then Verica Elveđi on behalf of festival "Days of E-medica", Alexander Vidos from exchange students, Buttercup Simunovic from joint student projects, led Tuhelj welcoming words uttered Tomislav Novak, clear Friday at the head of the Krapina-Zagorje county, and many others. During the first day of the Festival, "E-medica" all participants and visitors of the event through the stalls, which were located in the hotel lobby, they had the opportunity to meet students and student work and school from which they come.

   On the second day the Friday, March 4, as already announced, started the presentation of joint student projects. The students through lectures learn new and interesting things in the field of medicine, society, culture and nature. Highlights several lectures on the second day: "The beauty of the heart" (Medical University Zagreb, Gymnasium Brezovački and XV. Gymnasium Zagreb International Program), "Self-injury in school age" (High School Viktorovac Sisak, Medical school Bjelovar and Secondary School Pakrac), " sleepwalking "(Medical school Sibenik and Medical school Ante Kuzmanić Zadar)," Bribery and corruption "(Medical school Bjelovar and Koprivnica Secondary school)," Hunger "(Medical school Bjelovar and High school Čazma)," our daily bread "(Central health school Celje, Central medical and cosmetic school Maribor, Medical school Ante Kuzmanić Zadar and Medical High school of the city of Skopje "Dr. Pance Karagjozov").

   After the student presentations on the first day ended, students were given the afternoon that they could spend in shops, sport and recreation, and teachers, among them our mentor, had professional lessons in the small hall of the Hotel

The students after dinner and a short rest on the first day ended mutual companionship and entertainment in the local disco.

   On the third day on Saturday, 05th March, the continued introduction of joint student projects.
   Before the full conference hall students are easily exhibited their works in the form of presentation. Highlights several projects: "Dalmatian jewelry" (Medical School Sibenik and Dubrovnik School of Medicine), "Cycling to school" (School of Nursing Miller, Nautical School Zadar, Central Health and Chemical School and New Town High School Partition), "Mobbing" (Medical school Bjelovar and Economy and Administration school Bjelovar), "Ethical dilemmas: Testing drugs on animals" (High school Partition, Medical school Bjelovar and Medical school Ante Kuzmanić Zadar), "Therapeutic cloning" (Medical school Bjelovar, Medical University of Zagreb, Medical school in Pula), "blood transfusions and prejudice" (Medical school Bjelovar and Secondary Medical and cosmetic school Maribor), "Self-defense" (school of Medicine and Medical school Bjelovar Pula).


   Our school presented the project "Harmful if coffee's health?", And has been involved with High School Viktorovac Sisak and Medical school Bjelovar. The students on completion of the projects carried out through the afternoon workshops, sports and recreation, while teachers attended professional courses. Some of the topics of vocational courses for teachers were focused curricular approach in the education of future health professionals and the practical application of realized joint projects in the classroom. At the end of all present teachers maintain normal 'round table', and presented their experiences and impacts of the project "E-medica" on education.

   We had the opportunity to stay at Terme Tuhelj, visit the nearby age-old baroque castle "Mihanović", and closer encounter with history, tradition and culture of the family of the Croatian poet Antun Mihanović, a lawyer and author of the Croatian anthem "Our Beautiful". The luxurious restaurant among other things there is a wine bar with top Zagorje wines, the room is decorated with historic photos of the castle while the castle surrounded by a park where there is a centuries-long plane trees.

After dinner time, students and others continued to socialize through the night swimming with music.

    On the fourth day and last, on Sunday, March 06, in the premises of the hotel "Well," exposed the boards with announcements of new projects by which to pursue further students' cooperation for the next 10 festival "Days of E-medica 2017."

   Upon completion of this year's festival, all participants met in the conference room to conclude these four days of knowledge, socializing, games and friendship.

Krešimir Putrić      
High School Pakrac  

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