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 Impressions of the student from School for Nurses Vrapče Zagreb   Impressions of the student from School for Nurses Vrapče Zagreb Minimize

Impressions of the student

   From 3-rd to 6-th of March we were in Terme Tuhelj with E-medica project. My this years project was „With bike to school“. The project was mostly about bicycling as a way of transsport, not just fun, and we also fond out how many students go to school by bike and why some students don't.
   As we already know, the most important part of E-medica aren't the projects, but friendships. As this is my 4. year, I know a lot of people there, from profesors to students and it was great to see them again. I miss a lot of friends who weren't there because they finished the school, but I made some new ones. Also, this year it lasted 4 days so all of us could spend more time with each other.
   I had a little stage fright before the presentation but it was ok when I got into it. I think I was in the pool almost every day, which was great, and we also had a lot of other fun activites.
    I am sad because I won't be able to go next year but I am really happy because I was a part of it.

   Also, I wish luck to the „next generations“!

Rebeka Meglić           
School for Nurses Vrapče Zagreb


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