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School for Nurses Mlinarska, Zagreb
(Škola za medicinske sestre Mlinarska, Zagreb)

Mlinarska 34

10.000 ZAGREB


00385 1 4668079
Fax: 00385 1 4668494

e-mail: mlinarska@mlinarska.hr

School Cordinator: Mr.sc. Natalija Šnidarić (natalija.snidaric@skole.hr)

Đurđica Stanešić  (dstanesic1@gmail.com)
Suzana Đanić (sudanic17@gmail.com)
Sandra Samošćanec (ssamoscanec@gmail.com)


Leaders/mentors of previous years:

Marica Bakin Batnožić  (marica_bakin@hotmail.com)
Marija El Aklouk  (marija.elaklouk@yahoo.com)
Maja Budisavljević



  • After WWI, dr. Andrija Štampar receives financial aid by the Rockefeller Foundation to found healthcare institutions and therefore opens healthcare stations and medical centers. This leads to the need for a new medical profession - nurses.
  • On the 16 of January 1921, the school opens for 10 civilian students and 30 students from the religious orders of Sv.Vinko Paulski and Sv. Križ - this date actually marks the foundation of “Mlinarska School for nurses”. At this time, the school has two general programs: a social-medical program and a clinical program, and it offeres theoretical and practical courses.
  • From September 1923 on, the school and its boarding school are operating in five wooden barracks, at the current address 34, Mlinarska street.
  • In 1925, in addition to the barracks, a concrete pavillion with class rooms is build and still in use today.
  • Mid-1941, the school moves into a new building, nowadays the old part, where the boarding school is located.
  • The boarding school is and has always been an integrated part of the school.
  • During WWII, the school is operating in difficult circumstances, and after 1945 continues its work under a new name “Škola za medicinske sestre” (School for nurses).
  • From 1952 to 1959, the school operates as “Viša škola za medicinske sestre” (High School for nurses).
  • From 1963 on, the school sets the groundwork for a vocational and methodical course for all healthcare schools in the Republic of Croatia, and it serves as a base for the development of modern teaching and teacher training. It also develops teaching plans and programs.
  • In 1976, the additional building is finished, with eight new classrooms (current school building).
  • In 1978, the school is part of a Healthcare training centre ( Zdravstvenog obrazovnog centra ZOC) as one of nine working units. Its program is called focused education. For the first time, not only female, but also male students enroll.
  • From 1991 on, “Škola za medicinske sestre Mlinarska” is again an independent institution with an integrated boarding school and a four-year vocational program for the training and education of medical staff - nurses and medical technicians. From 2010/2011 on, a five-year program is introduced for the education of general care nurses/technician, which cancels the for-year education program.
  • From 2009/2010 on, students can also enroll in the program Professional Caregiver - TES.


    “Mlinarska” School for nurses operates under headmistress Asja Jelaković, a medical doctor and long-time teacher at the school. It has 16 classes in the program for nurses/medical technicians and 3 classes following the program for Caregivers - TES. We are successfully running several prevention programs: the Affirmation of positive values against violence, the Program against the abuse of addictive substances, the Prevention Program against violence in adolescent relations, and health education. The school’s curriculum includes: a group of general education subjects, and a group of vocational subjects. Subjects in the field of health care are taught in school and in clinical departments in hospitals. The school’s teachers are authors of many state school books and manuals that are used in classes: “Zdravstvena njega” 3 and 4 (Healthcare) – Ljiljana Broz, Maja Budisavljević, Sanda Franković, Ružica Ilić, Teodora Not; “Socijalna medicina, zdravlje i okoliš” (social medicine, health and the environment) – Teodora Not; “Metodika zdravstvenog odgoja” (methodology of health education) – Ružica Ilić; “Engleski jezik” (English language) – Anica Gregović; “Hrvatski jezik” (Croatian language) – Marija Gazzari; PE–Ivica Pavičić; “Anatomija i fiziologija” (anatomy and physiology) – Marija Gamulin; “Patologija” (pathology) -Asja Jelaković. “Zdravstvena njega starijih odraslih” (healthcare for elderly people) – Sanda Franković. Vocational cooperation takes places with numerous institutions in Croatia and abroad, including mutual visits and student exchanges. We would like to particularly point out our cooperation with the Nursing school in Le Puy in France, the Nursing school in Lubljana, Slovenia, and the Center for Geriatrics and Palliative medicine in Graz, Austria, the University hospital in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Hospice in Budapest, and we are beginning a new cooperation with the Hospice in Rijeka, the Psychiatric hospital on the island of Rab, Croatia and the Hospital for chronicle diseases “Gornja Bistra”. The school also includes a boarding school which provides accommodation to up to 104 students. Living in the boarding school used to be obligatory for school students of “Mlinarska” school, though this rule does not apply any longer. Nowadays, it is mainly used for female students of “Mlinarska” school for nurses, but also offers accommodation to students attending Zagreb Health School. Nina Radanović-Bokulić, dipl.soc.ped, is head of the boarding school, and several teachers/educators take care of the students: Sanja Posavec-Španović, Biserka Volić, Anka Savić, Jasmina Škrgatić and Kristina Benko, and the professional assistant Željka Mišetić. The students live in four groups and take part in the rich and vibrant life in boarding school. While studying for their future vocation, the students can select additional classes: theater and elocution, painting, creating fashion, dancing, music, beautician classes, gardening, journalism and photography, computer science and sports. Every year, our school and boarding school students successfully participate in numerous competitions.



   On the 12 of May, the International Nurses Day, our school celebrates its Day.
   We attend and actively participate in lectures, conventions and seminaries. We host or/and organise professional conferences. We organise open house days on which we present the results of our different vocational and educational programs. On the occasion of the Day of the school, there is also a teachers' excursion and a show for the students.

Dojdi osmaš“DOJDI OSMAŠ” - Presentation of high schools in Zagreb
   Since 2006, we have been participating in the event called “Dojdi osmaš, Zagreb te zove” (“Come to our high school, Zagreb is calling”). During this event, high schools in Zagreb present themselves on the main square (“Trg bana Josipa Jelačića”) to attract new students in the process of choosing a high school. Apart from presenting our school, our students also perform on the main stage, showing their dancing, singing and acting skills.

PROJECT "E-medica"
    Our school has been an active partner in this project from the very beginning. In cooperation with other schools, we regularly realise student exchanges, and during the “E-medica”-Days, our students present their school and its projects, gaining important experiences in project work and team work, and forging new friendships.


   Our students and teachers contribute to the humanitarian spirit of the World Day of the Sick by measuring the blood pressure and blood sugar levels of citizens across the districts of Zagreb.

Red Cross Zagreb and our school have been cooperating for a long time. Every year, our graduates act in a humanitarian (or some might say heroic) way by donating blood. We also participate in solidarity events such as the World First Aid Day, the World Hypertension Day, Solidarity in Action, Walk and run for a healthy heart, and Zagrepčani-Zagrepčanima (Zagreb solidarity event).
Each year, our students take part in the Marathon of Hope.
Our students take part in a humanitarian run for the prevention of diabetes in young people.
Since 2012, our students and teachers have been participating in humanitarian activities as friends of palliative care. They dance samba and raised money for donations.

On “Dan narcisa” (Croatian Breast Cancer Day, day of the daffodils), Pink Ribbon Day and World Aids day our students go to squares in the city to promote preventive measures on posters, to distribute information material and to help sell daffodils for the National program for the early detection of breast cancer.

Our students honour World Teachers Day by hanging posters, and the student council participates in activities of the Zagreb student council on International Students’ Day.

Students of “Mlinarska” regularly take part in the Lidrano Competition, in the fields of literature, theater and journalism.
Our school newspaper “Vjesnik Mlinarske” is published on a regular basis and headed by chief editor Marija Gazzari.

Our school organises a program for the Croatian Language days and for the International School Library Day.
For our third and fourth year students, we have organised guest lectures by Zlata Godler and Vinko Zidarić, professors and executives of the project “Interkulturalizam i mladi” (intercultural competencies and youth).
Famous persons who visited our school and boarding school: – actors: Zlatko Crnković, Fabijan Šovagović, Pero Kvrgić, poets: Dragutin Tadijanović, Enes Kišević, on philosophy: Krunoslav Pranjić,Milan Papić, on travelling: Zlatko Pepeonik, Pero Zlatar, on hiking and rock-climbing: Vladimir Mesarić.
We particularly appreciated the visit by cardinal Josip Bozanić in 2002, who back then was the archbishop of Zagreb.

In the context of the school subject Psychology and Educational science, we cooperate with members of the Croatian association of paraplegics and tetraplegics.
We also visit the “Dječji dom Zagreb” (orphanage in Zagreb), the association of former addicts “Cenacolo” in Vrbovac and finally, we regularly attend plays by “Novi život”, a theater group for blind and partially sighted people.
Izleti i terenska nastavaEXCURSIONS AND FIELD TRIPS
In the context of learning based on experiences and intercultural education, every year, our students take part in excursions and field courses. For years now, we have been organising excursions for our first-year students, so that they can quickly get to know each other. While visiting various places, our students can forge friendships in an informal setting and get to know their class teachers, other teachers, our professional assistants and our headmistress. So far, we have taken our first-year students to the cities of Krapina, Zadar and Vukovar, and to to island of Krk, and for our second-year students, we have organised trips to Venice, Verona, Gardaland, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Vienna and Munich. Furthermore, we visit the astronomical observatory in Višnjan, NE Krško, Nikola Tesla Memorial Center etc. Students in higher years go on to professional visits to Graz, Tuzla, Budapest, Ljubljana, Rijeka and the island of Rab.

Dan maturanata i NorijadaDGRADUATION DAY AND “NORIJADA” (students’ parade and celebration after graduation)
Of course, it wouldn’t be what it is without our students! Not that we are proud of everything that happened, but then again, on these days, all Zagreb goes crazy!

   In the end, when our graduates have passed their final exam, we remember our five years together, our many happy moments and our few less happy moments.
“Mlinarska”, founded in 1921, always proud of its students, who have gone on to become excellent professionals and citizens, gives out diplomas to a new generation of graduates and stands with them while they open a new chapter in their life, proud of being with them while they were growing into adults.


    CROATIAN / teachers: Mirjana Trošelj, Marija Gazzari, mentor, Branka Jelušić-Vujaklija
    FOREIGN LANGUAGES/ English/ teachers: Anica Gregović, Miljenka krolo-Petrović
    German/ teacher: Višnja Fabijanić-Čubrilo
    HISTORY AND CIVIC EDUCATION/ teacher: Grozdana Špelić
    GEOGRAPHY/ teacher: Marina Ivanec-Podravec
    MATHEMATICS / teachers: Mihaela Škunca, Vlatka Adžić
    PHYSICS/ teachers: Natalija Crnički, Sandra Križanović
    BIOLOGY/ teacher: Jagoda Buble-Skroza
    CHEMISTRY / teachers: Anka Savić, Jordanka Semren
    RELIGION AND ETHICS / Mandica Babić, s Fides
    PE/ teachers: Ivica Pavičić, Dalibor Bilankov
    INFORMATICS/ teacher: Mato Crnčević
    LATIN / teacher: Vedrana Aguzin
    PRINCIPLES OF TEACHING/ teacher: Aleksandra Vitez
    PSYCHOLOGY/teacher: Renata BrekaloPapac
    VIROLOGY, BACTERIOLOGY AND PARASITOLOGY/ external lecturers: Iva Butić, dr.med., Sania Kuzmac, dipl.ing.
    BIOCHEMISTRY / teachers: Anka Savić, Jordanka Semren
    BIOPHYSICS / teacher: Natalija Crnički
    SOCIAL STUDIES/ teacher: Sanda Franković
    CROATIAN SIGN LANGUAGE / teacher: Marica Bakin Batnožić
    PRECLINICAL AND CLINICAL STUDIES/ Dane Petković, dr.med., Frano Petrović, dr.med., Tomislav de Both, dr.med.
    HEALTH CARE/ Jasna Ivasić, bacc.med.tech., mentor, Marica Bakin-Batnožić, teacher, mentor, Romanita Milojević, teacher, counselor, Đurđica Stanešić, bacc.med.tech., Marija El Aklouk, bacc.med.tech., Sandra Samošćanec, bacc.med.tech., Ljiljana Broz, bacc.med.tech., counselor, Maja Budisavljević, bacc.med.tech., counselor, Nevenka Troskot, bacc.med.tech., Anka Šabanović, bacc.med.tech., Sanda Franković, teacher, mentor, Elvira Tahiri, bacc.med.tech., Daniela Paškov, bacc.med.tech.
    Headmistress: Asja Jelaković, dr.med.
    Secretary: Andrea Novak, dipl. jurist
    Educator: mr.sc. Natalija Šnidarić
    Psychologist: Renata Brekalo Papac, teacher
    Chief Accountant: Maja Medić, dipl. ecc.
    Administration: Agata Torbica, Sanja Kraljević
    Accounting: Jadranka Matoković, Marijana Tabaković
    Kitchen staff: Božidar Cukor, Gordana Štrković, Gordana Popić Storekeeper,
    Economist: Sanja Kraljević
    Maintenance staff: Vladimir Krznar, Mladen Šanjić, Goran Pavlinovac, Mladen Radelić
    Cleaning staff: Katica Lovrić, Finka Cukor, Snježana Janković, Mirjana Goreta, Anđa Brtan, Katica Mulalaić
    Seamstress: Nadica Malčić-Pirin
    Night duty: Milica Kujundžić-Prikratki, Lidija Barić

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