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Excursion in Varaždin Thermal and Ludbreg - March 21, 2013  Excursion in Varaždin Thermal and Ludbreg - March 21, 2013 Minimize

Excursion student and mentor on the project "Antiques achievments in medicine"
in Varaždin Thermal and Ludbreg

   On the 21st March 2013. school-girls from Public High School for Women - Sisters Of Charity Association, Zagreb and School Of Midwifery, Zagreb, working on the project "Antiques achievments in medicine" visited with their mentors, professor Irena Marija Vojvodić and Konstantina Božak ancient sites in Varaždin Thermal and Ludbreg. First we visited the ancient baths Aquae Iasae I, finding thermal sulphurous waters, archaeological excavations of ancient sauna, swimming pool with hot and cold water, training ground for soldiers. We watched the original Roman frescoes are as well preserved as those of Pompeii. Later we visited the Heritage Museum where we watched statues and monuments with gratitude for healing. There is a student Marina Katušin
tried the original ancient Rome massage with almond oil and sand. We drank healing sulfur water and survive. At the end of the day we visited the ancient settlement Iovia in Ludbreg, which is only in the initial stage of excavation. And there, near is the center of the world, if you did not know ...
   From School of midwifery students who were on the trip are: Sanja Babojelić, Martina Šebalj and Marina Katušin. Students from the Public High School for Women - Sisters Of Charity Association, Zagreb are: Danijela Bošnjak and Katarina Jambrošić.

Konstantina Božak     
School Of Midwifery, Zagreb

And what student Marina said about the trip:
   "Like last year, our School of midwifery is included in the E-medica under lidership professor Konstantina Božak. In this project, the three of us girls participating along with two girls from Public High School for Women - Sisters Of Charity Association, who are led by Professor Irena Marija Vojvodić.
   This year our theme of the ancient achievements in medicine, and we have done as part of his first trip in late March for the purpose of research on this topic. Our first trip consisted of a visit to the spa and the city of Varazdin and Ludbreg. Visiting this event a was a great honor and pleasure because we really learned a lot and found out thanks to the excellent guide. Varazdin spa are significant health, ritual, and cultural and economic center of the ancient Upper Pannonia. Archaeological site Aquae Iasae which is located in the city park Varaždin spa is one of the most valuable ancient archaeological sites in Croatia.
   Aquae Iasae are made up of thermal baths, shrines, and the square (forum). Our research was focused on ways that the Romans used the thermal water, mud, and what are the instruments used for medical purposes. We even for the purpose of detoxifying the body and we had a chance to try drinking thermal water. I must admit it is not very pleasant smell because it contains a high concentration of sulfur, but the taste is very similar to ordinary water. It is interesting that the temperature of the water at the source of the high 58 degrees Celsius, and the daily water capacity of two million liters.
   In the event we visited the local museum where we also heard a very interesting story from ancient times, to see (and some of us even try) massage with thermal oil, and fine sand that was used by the ancient Romans.
   After all the interesting information about antiques achievments in medicine, we visited the city Ludbreg where we heard the story about the miraculous event in which a priest serving mass doubted the word conversion of bread and wine into the very body and blood of Jesus. We have heard the legend that says that the Ludbreg is center of the world, so we had a chance to stop for a moment at the center of the world in the midst of the town square. Which is surrounded by tiles with descriptions of cities and their distance (km) from the center of the world.
   This was our first trip of the year with this project, and we hope not the last. We believe that much more interesting to learn and have the opportunity to see the issue of ancient achievements in medicine, and in the end that his useful work and have the opportunity to present in front of other students working on the project "E-medica".

Marina Katušin      
School Of Midwifery, Zagreb 

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