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Visit the Museum of the City of Zagreb - April 16, 2013  Visit the Museum of the City of Zagreb - April 16, 2013 Minimize

A visit to the City museum of Zagreb

   On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, the school girls from the project „Antiques achievments in medicine“ from Public High School for Women - Sisters Of Charity Association i School Of Midwifery, Zagreb, visited City museum of Zagreb together with their mentors Irena Marija Vojvodić and Konstantina Božak.This was our second exchange of pupils.
The exhibition „Me Jacobus apothecarius – from the small shop to industry“ speaks about the history of Zagreb pharmacy , from antique times to 20th Century. The author of the exhibition Marina Krapljanov has shown us the whole deposit of the museum and presented us all the exhibits
Antique MEDICUS was a physician and a pharmacist. These two activities were not separated all to the late Middle age. Among the objects of Roman pharmacy found on archeological site in Zagreb and its broader environment, findings from Sisak and those near the river Kupa were probably from the workshop for production of pharmaceutical and medical instruments. Series of instruments were used in medicine and for preparation of drugs / probes and spatulas…) The prepared drug was saved in little boxes for embalment and copper boxes. Traces oft the supstance have remained in them until today. So, it is possible to determine the chemical composition of particular antique drug. More about the theme you can learn on the presentation of the project on 7th Review "Days of E-medice 2013".

Konstantina Božak    
School For Midwifery Zagreb


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