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Exchange students Mlinarska and Vrapče (June 12, 2013)  Exchange students Mlinarska and Vrapče (June 12, 2013) Minimize

Exchange students from Mlinarska and Vrapče within three joint projects

   On Wednesday, June 12th 2013, the students and mentors of The School of Nursing Vrapče visited our school (School for Nursing Mlinarska Zagreb). This visit was part of the three comon projects by E-medica: Use of the sign language in professionNurse’s uniforms and Thyroid gland. The students for whom this was the first time to visit our school were shown our modern cabinets for practical classes, after which they were divided into project groups and learned something about the projects.
   In the
Use of the sign language in profession, which is done by us, the students of Nursing School Mlinarska have reported about their exchange with the Maritime School Zadar, they showed the working version of the presentation to the visitors, they arranged for appropriate changes and talked in more detail about a poll that has been done and about its results. They agreed on filming the video material by September and finishing the presentation.
   In the
Nurse’s uniforms project, which is done by The School of Nursing Vrapče, the students took a look at the drawings of the uniforms made by the students of School of Applied Arts, they looked at the working version of the presentation that is being worked on by the students of The School of Nursing Vinogradska and agreed on making steps in contacting all the medicine schools with the goal of doing the poll.
   While working on the project called the
Thyroid gland, the students have once again shared their impressions of the thyroid gland surgery that they witnessed in the Leptir Polyclinic, they worked on the contents of the presentation done by the students from Mlinarska and agreed on thoroughly investigating information about the endocrine system during the health exercises in clinics.
   In the brief friendly gathering that followed, it has been made a goal to realise the aforementioned tasks by September, during which we are expecting another exchange between all of the schools taking part in these projects.


 Natalija Šnidarić, School Pedagogue
School for Nursing Mlinarska Zagreb

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