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38th Exchange students: Creativity making uniforms of nurses (23 May 2013)  38th Exchange students: Creativity making uniforms of nurses (23 May 2013) Minimize

Creative exchange students in preparing future nurses uniforms

(Zagreb, May 23, 2013)

   Within the project "E-medica", and through the implementation of a joint student project "A Nurse's Uniform" in which we collaborate with Schools of Nursing Mlinarska, Vinogradska, Medical Cchool from Maribor, the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb, we had a special theme: "Future uniforms nurses ".
   For this project we used a particularly great creative help just by students and teachers of the School of Art and Design!
   The first time we met April 11, 2013, when we briefly discuss our idea, the possible appearance of uniforms, fabrics and comfort of future uniform, and its applicability in daily demanding work of nurses.
Students applied to school we were listening carefully, and recorded all of our ideas and proposals, suggestions, so we've already seen the April 18 first drafts! We must admit, we were thrilled offered!
   For the third meeting (May 10, 2013), students have worked hard and made ​​the right draft uniform. Before us was a difficult task: to choose the best among the listed
sketches! With a lot of hesitation and deal, in the end we chose the one that seemed to us the most modern and efficient, as a combination of comfort, fashion and practicality. Yet we discuss some shortcomings and changes color, and soon everything fell into place. Already May 23 creations were complete, perfect.
   We selected one of a series of beautiful uniforms, which will, hopefully, and sew.
   We wish that more clearly show how we envision our sisters look in the near future. We are already in the very near future!

School for Nurses Vrapče, Zagreb


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