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38 excange: Visit to the Clinic "Leptir" ("Butterfly") in Zagreb (28 and 29 May 2013)  38 excange: Visit to the Clinic "Leptir" ("Butterfly") in Zagreb (28 and 29 May 2013) Minimize


Visit to the Clinic "Leptir" ("Butterfly") in Zagreb

   Clinic "Leptir" 28 and 29 May opened the door for students and mentors/coordinators who participate in the project "The thyroid gland". The meeting began with a pleasant welcome in the Lecture and a brief summary of what you need to know about us. Afterwards, one of them entered the operating room, and the other looked over glass surgery (total thyroidectomy). We were pleasantly surprised by the comfortable atmosphere and very pleasant and engaging employees. Doctor Škaro after surgery held mini lecture in which he told us, we must admit, a lot of things that we did not know. In addition to information about thyroid Dr. Skaro told us a few life wisdom, for which we thank him a lot.

   The second day we came back to the clinic a few of us who have watched the operation over the glass looked a little closer. Then it came to lobectomy. The surgery lasted a little shorter than the first. This time we had the opportunity to see the box recurens nerve (n. vagus).

   We would once again like to thank Dr. Škaro and his team for their hospitality.

 Zlatica Šimunović           
Sshool for Nursuring Vrapče Zagreb

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