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43. students exchange - Zadar sailors in visit to the Mlinarska Zagreb (October 3 - 4, 2013)  43. students exchange - Zadar sailors in visit to the Mlinarska Zagreb (October 3 - 4, 2013) Minimize


Zadar sailors visiting Mlinarska in Zagreb

(Zagreb, October 3 and 4, 2013)

   The third and the last exchange of students in the projects The application of sign language in the profession and the Generation gap was realized by the visit of students and mentors of the Maritime School Zadar to our school. .
    On Thursday 3rd October, the students and mentors of the Maritime School visited our school and the cabinets, and the students showed them their skills by measuring blood pressure. Later, each of the project teams worked on their presentations, after which the students from the School for nurses Vrapče joined with their project The application of the sign language in the profession.

   On Friday the 4th, the students and their mentors visited the polyclinic for baromedicine in the Dubrava hospital where the dr. Andrić explained their guests for what is it used and was happy to answer all the questions.

   After a free afternoon, mill was greeted their guests from Zadar, and we look forward to continuing our friendship in the 7th Festival "Days of E-medica" Terme Tuhelj.

Natalija Šnidarić


   „We are delighted by the hospitality of the School for nurses Mlinarska and their mentors, as well as with the kindness with which they welcomed us. We are looking forward to seeing them again.“

Maritime School




   „We were happy to show our school and our profession to our guests from Zadar and had a very nice in time in their company.
   The visit to the clinic Dubrava was the connection between our professions. It was an interesting experience for all of us.“


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