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Second Exchange in Zagreb (March  1, 2014)  Second Exchange in Zagreb (March 1, 2014) Minimize

The second exchange of students
and volunteering on The "Day of rare diseases"

   Students of Public High School for Women - Sisters of Charity Association, Sara Razum and Nikolina Majdak and students of School of Midwifery in Zagreb. Ana Marija Livančić and Anesa Šabani had a creative second exchange on the project "School in hospital". On Saturday, March 1, 2014, we met on Cvjetni trg in Zagreb and we had a meeting about plans for april. The third school, Secondary Medical and Cosmetology School Maribor, Slovenia also joined the project. We talked about the visits to pediatric departments of various hospitals that are soon to take place. Croatian Association for Rare Diseases had a tent on Cvjetni trg and the above mentioned students together with their mentors Irena Marija Vojvodić and Konstantina Božak volunteered in the work of the Assosiation. We thank all the volunteers, students of School of Midwifery as well as our school pedagogue Mrs. Vesna Toplak, who joined us one Saturday and contributed to marking the Day of Rare Diseases. We distributed leaflets and balloons in the town and we were selling their sweatshirts and jewelry on the stand. At noon, the mayor fo Zagreb Mr . Milan Bandić joined us and we introduced him with the project E-medica, as well as our projcet "School in hospital". Then we took part in taking photos , and a millenium photo was taken of us. In the following section you can read the improssions of the student Anesa Šabani.

Author: Konstantina Božak

   Rare but Equal! -The slogan of the Croatian Association of Rare Diseases which is engaged in providing assistance to those suffering from rare diseases and their families, by giving information on rare diseases and new treatments and by raising public awareness about these diseases. Every year on February 28, we mark the day of Rare Diseases on Croatian town squares where everybody is welcome and can find the information about rare diseases and also donate money to the Association for those who need help. To provide the information to general public and to attract them, volunteers are needed who will transmit their knowledge to others and who will also entertain them. This year we also participated in the volunteering. We distributed leaflets and balloons around the city of Zagreb, instructing people who came into the tent and gave them a lot of interesting and useful information. In the tent there were a lot of things for purchase and there were also workshops for children where they could draw and play. At the end of our volunteer day, our team of volunteers and people who visited our tent, stopped on Preradović Square and at high noon and a millennium photo, with the hands in the air to show support to the people affected by rare diseases, was taken. "People are happy as long as they decide to be ˝ - today we decided to be more than happy helping those who definitely deserve it.

Author: Anesa Šabani, School of Midwifery Zagreb

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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