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First Exchange Maribor - Zadar (January 27 - February 2, 2014)  First Exchange Maribor - Zadar (January 27 - February 2, 2014) Minimize

Exchange of Secondary Medical and Cosmetic School Maribor and Secondary Medical School Ane Kuzmanića Zadar

   Within the project "E-medica" third grade students of Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Zadar, accompanied by the teacher Verica Elveđi we were from 27 January to 01 February 2014 in exchange students at the Secondary Medical and Cosmetic School Marbor.

   We went on exchange on 27th January and were there the whole week. The students and teachers of the school of Maribor treated us with a croatian and slovenian song. After lunch we went on a tour of city and saw a lot of monuments and beauty of Maribor. Through the entire time we were there it was snowing which made us really happy. On the second day we were on classes of Slovenian, English and German language, Math and Health care. We had small language barriers but the hosts helped translate them so we understood big part of the class.
   After school we went to see the hospital od Maribor which amazed us with its size and appearance. According to our weekly schedule which was made by profesor Danica Perše in wednesday we visited Pohorje where some of the students were brave enough to ski, but the few of us decides on sledding. Skiing was unforgettable because our teachers, in spite of our big clumsiness didn't give up on us and we all learned how to ski in the end.
   On thursday we had practice in hospital center of Maribor along with our one year older colleagues. Because that was our first visit to the hospital departments everybody had a lot of patience and the big wish to teach us their skills on which we are extremely thankful.
   After practice we had a gym class in school where we played volleyball with hosts and practiced in school gym to get in shape for farewell night, because meals were very tasty so we all gained a few pounds. Profesor Perše had another surprise for us; videoconference with our school during which we could say out experiences to our colleagues.
    Our new-found friends made us farewell party, formal evening with song, dance and great fun and that way we greeted the last day of our stay in Maribor.
   Time just flew by, we were all very sad so some of us even cried but we honestly hope it's not the end and we will meet again the next time in Zadar when they will come and visit us. We are glad that we participated in this student exchange because not only we learned and saw something that is useful for our job but maybe we even got something more!!!!!

    We got beautiful memories that will be always remembered and met amazing people with who we plan to stay in touch and make friendships.

Begzada Fejzić i Anita Stojanov


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