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Report of the second meeting of students of Zagreb, Bedekovcina, Belgrade and Novo mesto (April 25, 2014.)  Report of the second meeting of students of Zagreb, Bedekovcina, Belgrade and Novo mesto (April 25, 2014.) Minimize

Report of the second meeting of students of Zagreb, Bedekovčina, Belgrade and Novo mesto
(Projekt Volunteerism as a way of living and thinking)

Date: April, 25 2014
Place: Scondary Medical and Chemical School Novo mesto, Slovenia

Present participants:

Secondary School Bedekovčina, Croatia:
    1. Lucija Meštrović
    2. Marko Čanadi
    3. Magdalena Horvat
    4. Mentor Tatjana Papst
School for Nurses Vrapče
, Croatia:
    1. Ante Ključević
    2. Mentor Mirjana Kozina
School for Nurses Mlinarska
, Croatia:
    1. Ana Jurec
    2. Tanja Vrščak
    3. Dajana Benko
    4. Mentor Elvira Tahiri
Secondary Medical and Chemical School Novo mesto, Slovenia:
    1. Iza Gračan
    2. Janja Blatnik
    3. Tamara Krnc
    4. Tjaša Bratkovič
    5. Mentor Mojca Simončić
Secondary Medical School Belgrade, Serbia:
    1. Katarina Uljarević
    2. Coordinator Sandra Mrđen

Plan of work:
      8.00 Mentors and school staff greeting
      8.30 - 9.30 PVisit to the General Hospital in Novo mesto and
              demonstration of volunteer work
     9.45 – 10.45 Visiting the elderly home Novo mesto and
              demonstration of volunteer work
    11.00 – 11.15 Greathings from Director of Medical school and
              School centre Novo mesto
    12.00 – 14.00 Group work involved in the project
    14.00 – 14.30 The conclusion of the meeting

   Plan of meeting was entirely realized. After a warm welcome at school, we were taken to visit the General Hospital Novo mesto, where we visited the Children's Department, view the volunteer puppet show and had a short lecture of pupil volunteers, hospital head nurse and mentor volunteers about students volunteer work. They present us the organization of the volunteers work, supporting documents (contracts of schools and hospitals as well as the statements of volunteer students and their parents). They also introduced us the activities that volunteers engaged in various departments (reading, playing with the kids, board games, hanging out and talking, going through newspapers, magazines, medicines ...). After we visited the hospital and home for the elderly where we were also familiar with the work of volunteers and interaction with customers. After returning to school we had welcome speech by director of Medical and Chemical School and director of the School of the entire School Centre Novo mesto.
    In group work that followed the greetings of the school management, project participants through a workshop "Happy Company" discovered needs of its city residents and devising actions that can make them happy. Thus the analogy of creating a company whose goal is to make its residents happy, they saw some benefits of volunteering and possible ideas for future voluntary actions. With exercise Gordian knot volunteers involved in the project strengthened their team spirit and with talk of further tasks of the project agreed to a two-day meeting in Zagreb in September of 2014. Until then, they will research history of volunteering in Croatia - School for Nurses Vrapče, in Serbia - Medical School Belgrade, in Slovenia – Secondary Medical and Chemical School Novo mesto, and School for Nurses Mlinarska will review laws related to volunteer work. At the meeting in Zagreb will also be adopted the final decision on Voluntary Action we plan to do at final meeting of E-medica in Tuhelj, as well as design of project presentation. These are the conclusions of the second meeting students in exchange in the Project Volunteering as a way of living and thinking.

Project mentor:
Tatjana Papst 

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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