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The first exchange of students in the "Wound Care" (15 and 16 May 2014)  The first exchange of students in the "Wound Care" (15 and 16 May 2014) Minimize

First Students Exchange between Zagreb, Zadar, Bjelovar and Sisak
in project "Wound Care"

   School for Nursing Mlinarska realized the first student exchange in the project "Wound Care".
   On Thursday 15th May students and their mentor Božica Magaš with E-medica school cordinator Marin Perinić of the Maritime High School Zadar visited our school for two days.
   On Friday, 16th May students and mentors Marina Čaić i Vesna Herceg of Secondary School Viktorovac, Sisak with students and mentor Marina Šoštarić of Medical School Bjelovar came on students exchange.
   First we visited Polyclinic for baromedicine in Dubrava hospital where dr. Andrić explained their guests for what is it used for and was happy to answer all the questions. Students were able to look around beromedicine.
   After returning to Mlinarska students Bruno Kuzmanović i Domagoj Purgar had workshop in class 1d, which is part of researching project. Other associates, students and mentors were observeing and at the end analized to agree the way of doing same workshop in their schools.
    After lunch our students and teachers showed guests school classes and cabinets. Exchange of students finished by working on the project presentation.
   Our gests left in the late afternoon.

Natalija Šnidarić

   I was fascinated with the hospitality and politness of our friends from Mlinarska. The accommodation was brilliant and we could have not asked for anything else. It was entertaining as well as educational. The students welcomed us warmly. I am very grateful for the opportunity to socialize with students from medical schools Mlinarska, Sisak and Bjelovar. All in all, it was a great fun.

Jure Zupčić 3BS, Maritime High School Zadar

   Is was very nice experience to be in this project. We met a new friends fromall Croatian's cities and I hope we'll realise our project very successfully. It will be my pleasure to keep in touch with all that wonderfule people!

Antonija Skender, Secondary School Viktorovac, Sisak

   This students exchange was a wonderful new experience for me. It was interesting, useful and very instructive. I am wondering if it will happen again .... I really liked the way of knowledge presentation and experience of School of Nurses Mlinarska. Everything was very simple, we had fun and met a lot of new interesting peaple. They were very welcome and I am looking forward on our future cooperation.

Leonita Keranović, Secondary School Viktorovac, Sisak

   The students exchange in The Wound care project and participation in the E-medica is extremely useful for my future education and I’ am very glad that I am part of it. Programs and plans of project are well developed, and schools that participate contribute in their best way. I'm glad that everything is happening on time, and that everything runs according to plan. The lecture which was held by students of School of Nurses Mlinarska was great. Content of the presentation is available and easy to learn, which is extremely important. I am looking forward to future cooperation with other partners.

Petra Markuš, Medical School Bjelovar

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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