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Students Secondary health school in Ljubljana visiting Šibenik (12 September 2014)  Students Secondary health school in Ljubljana visiting Šibenik (12 September 2014) Minimize

A visit to Šibenik and work on the project "Measuring vital functions"

   Under the leadership of coordinator Branka Langerholc and mentor Špela Flerin, the pupils of Srednja zdravstvena šola Ljubljana (SZŠ) visited Medicinska škola Šibenik for the project Measuring vital functions.
   There was a big storm waiting for us when we came to Šibenik on Friday, September 12, 2014 but it did not change our good mood. Mrs. Snežana Žaja, a professor with a lot of positive energy, a coordinator and a mentor of the project in Šibenik, has kindly showed us around Šibenik that same evening. The project started on Sathurday – pupils first practised the play in Medicinska škola, they had a lot of fun and in the end they exchanged contacts (Facebook, Skype, e-mail, …). The play »Measuring vital functions« shows us a poor patient, shaking of too high body temperature. The patient is sitting in an ambulance room, waiting for proper medical care. Meanwhile he grumbles and does not want to listen, so the head nurse calms him down and orders the pupils to measure his vital functions – blood pressure, body temperature, SpO2, pulse. The pupils come to the patient and make a complete mess, so the patient complains and threatens with lawsuit. The head nurse calls the pupils to account and they quickly repeat the correct procedure of measuring vital functions. Then the pupils apologise, redo the procedure and realise, that in order for a patient to be calm, they need to be organised and properly trained. We had a lot of fun when we watched the performance and we also realised that Ljubljana and Šibenik both have the same standards of measuring vital functions.
   The cooperating school from Beograd was unfortunately unable to attend the exchange, but we stayed in contact and we will continue with cooperation with it.
   After the performances, we heard plenty about the rich history of Šibenik from Mr. Krešo Škugora, a professor of Geography. During the lunch, to which our host school has politely invited us, the headmistress Mrs. Ankica Lambaša Spahija came to welcome us and wished us a successful year.
   After a five hour long ride we arrived to Ljubljana, full of pleasant impressions and memories from Šibenik. Pupils Jasmina, Miloš and Valerija as well as professors Branka and Špela are very grateful to professors Snežana, Krešo, Mrs. Headmistress and the pupils of Medicinska škola Šibenik for hosting us and invite them to visit our school sometime.

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