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Report On Second Students Exchange Zadar - Zagreb (September 18-19, 2014)  Report On Second Students Exchange Zadar - Zagreb (September 18-19, 2014) Minimize

Students from School for Nursing Mlinarska visited Maritime School Zadar
and work on project
"Wound Care"

   Students and mentors from School for Nursing Mlinarska, on the 18th and 19th of September 2014 realized second students exchange in project "Wound Care" by visiting Maritime School Zadar.
   On Wednesday, 18th of September students of Maritime School Zadar toured students of Mlinarska and gained an insight into teaching for future seafarers. Later that day, they had free time for swimming, dinner and the night out.
   On Thursday, 19th of September students Bruno and Domagoj from School for Nursing Mlinarska and students Jure and Marin from Maritime School Zadar, jointly prepared and carried out the practical part of the workshop in one class. Afterwards, together with their mentors worked on theoretical part of project and presentation. They agreed to the terms of the remaining activities in project: the workshops, repeating a survey and comparing the final results.
   After lunch with our hosts, and a little free time for us, we returned to Zagreb!

Natalija Šnidarić

   The accomodation was excellent, our hosts showed us the school and school tehcnology which makes them diferent from the others. They showed us beautiful Zadar and treated us with a great dinner.


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