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Students from Zagreb visited Varazdin (September 17, 2014)  Students from Zagreb visited Varazdin (September 17, 2014) Minimize

Students from Medical College Zagreb visited Medical School Varazdin

in realisation of project "Bloodtypes, diseases and diet"


   On September 17, 2014, Paula Vucinovec and Tomislav Mrla, students from the 4. a class of the programm medical laboratory technicians, and their mentor, Maja Gregoric, visited Medical School Varaždin. Together with the project leader "Blood types, diseases and diet", Natasa Vukovic, mag. med. bioch., and students Anja, Andrea and Sara, they discussed the project and worked on a final presentation.
    Students exchanged experiences and commented on and coordinated results of surveys on dietary habits carried out in Zagreb, Varazdin, Split and Bjelovar. The hosts showed us the school and the General Hospital Varazdin, its Department of transfusiology, where Dr. Gordana Jaklin, spec. of transfusiology, gave us a short lecture on blood types and the impact of blood donation, and showed us the department of transfusiology. We were also given the opportunity to determine our blood types and learn the process of blood type determination.
   After the visit to the hospital and a short meeting with Mirjana Grabar-Kruljac, the principal of Medical School Varaždin, some pleasant time was spent socializing over lunch and sightseeing in Varaždin!

Maja Gregoric, dipl. ing. med. lab. diagn.

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