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Report of the third meeting of students from Novo mesto in Zagreb (September 18-19, 2014)  Report of the third meeting of students from Novo mesto in Zagreb (September 18-19, 2014) Minimize

Report of the third meeting of students in project "Volunteering as a way of life and thinking"

Date: Sewptember 18-19, 2014
Place: School for Nurses  Mlinarska, Zagreb
Present participants:

Secondary School  Bedekovčina
   1. Lucija Meštrović
   2. Marko Čanadi
   3. Magdalena Horvat
   4. Mentor Tatjana Papst
School for Nurses Vrapče Zagreb:
   1. Ante Ključević
   2. Ramona Horvat
   3. Lucija Rogić
   4. Mentor Mirjana Kozina
School for Nurses Mlinarska Zagreb:
   1. Ana Jurec
   2. Tanja Vrščak
   3. Dajana Benko
Secondary Medical and Chemical School Novo mesto:
   1. Iza Gračan
   2. Janja Blatnik
   3. Tjaša Bratkovič
   4. Mentor Mojca Simončić

   Third exchange students in the project Volunteering as a way of life and thinking of the past is in the work, and happy atmosphere. All participants have prepared a presentation of their research between exchanges, including the Medical School in Belgrade which students could not join us this time. Even some research presentations history of volunteerism already exchanged via the FB group, all of us were happy to hear it alive and with the comment of author. We learned about common and legal framework of volunteerism prepared by Tanja, Ana and Diana from Mlinarska. The history of volunteering and volunteers in Slovenia reported to us Tjaša, Janja. Ramona, Ante and Lucija from the Medical School Vrapče presented us more about the social and historical context of volunteering in Croatia. Together we watched a presentation about the history of volunteering in Serbia, which sent students from the Medical School in Belgrade. We were especially interested in the views of examined students of medical schools on volunteering since the survey was conducted in all schools participating. The results of the survey were presented by Mark, Lucia and Magdalena from Bedekovčina. They also performed some assumptions about the existence of correlations between positive attitudes of views about volunteerism and the profession for they are studying.
   In the afternoon, during a tour of the city, we made a common volunteer action in cooperation with the association Lifeline. Volunteers distributed flyers and BookMarker of association with information about the existence of free hotlines to help suicidal and depressed people. This experience handing out leaflets on the Ban Jelacic was new for mentors and some volunteers. Many of the people whom we gave leaflet were distrustful and suspicious, and even refused to accept. Others again, looking at the contents, were offended that we just choose them to give a flyer. In this activitiy it seemed to us we are doing some unconscious selection of people who we will give a flyer… flyer ... However, we were happy and satisfied to help Dunja and Marijana and their lifeline assistence in informing the public that there is such an anonymous and unseen helper when someone has hard days ..
   Then we visited the famous city squares, parks, cafes and hang out. The evening brought a new experience for guests volunteers from Slovenia. They were placed in a host of volunteers from the School Mlinarska. Impressions are at the end of the report.
  The second day of our exchange, we participated in the teaching process. Students were at the training of medical items in cabinets of Mlinarska school. This was followed by a final agreement on the presentation of the project on the final meeting of the E-medica in November at Tuhelj. There were many ideas, everyone has the desire to present our project in original and interesting way, and agreement was reached on the content and form of presentation. We'll make a play to introduce volunteering with the presentation and posters on the legal framework of volunteering, the survey results and volunteer activities in the course of our project. Tasks will be divided into FB group. The first deadline for proposal scenarios on 29th September. Afterwards, together we will choose the one that will be presented at the final meeting of E-medica and share roles. At the end of our two-day meetings we all were participants in the formal establishment of the volunteer club at the School of Nursing Vrapče. We all congratulate and support them and wish them a lot of cheerful volunteer hours.
At the end, here are some impressions of participants:

   As adventurer I was looking forward to my first visit to Zagreb, as well as seeing again with the other volunteers. The most difficult was to speak at the Croatian, but through little effort and with laugh is all possible. My host and his family kindly accepted me and it was happily filled evening.
   I look forward to more experiences and socialize with other volunteers.

Iza Gračan

   On Thursday 18th of September 2014 we went to Zagreb, where we have been dedicated for the exchange of students within the project E-medica. Since this was a two-day exchange, we agreed that each of us, except mentors, sleeps at homes of Zagreb students. Since this was the first exchange to me, I was warried about my lack of knowledge of Croatian. When we arrived in Zagreb we had nice welcome and then had many activities. We presented a history of volunteering in Slovenia, the Law on Volunteering and history of volunteering in our school. At the end of the first day we attended the volunteer campaign at Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, handing out leaflets to help suicidal and depressed persons. In the evening we visited the old town and have some time for yourself. This time we spend at dinner and enjoying Zagreb. Soon it was time to go to host students, where we should spend the night. We took the tram and even I was nervous, soon realized that my fear is unnecessary. I spent nice time with my host, talking all the time. The next morning we were exchanging experience after night. Together, we realized that it was a very interesting experience that should be repeated. Another day we attended their school, where we noticed that they have no uniforms in practical classes as we have. We were delighted to socialize and at the same time going home. I look forward to our meeting again in Tuheljske Toplice.

Tjaša Bratkovič

   A trip to Zagreb was one big adventure and new experiences. At first I was afraid sleep at Croatian friends, but it was finally just the best. The family accepted me with open arms and have had the pleasure to host a Slovenian. We all know each other little better at each meeting and we are looking forward to the next one.

Janja Blatnik

    These two days we spent in fun and work. We analyzed the data that we have collected, arranged for the final meeting and did a joint voluntary action. For me it was a new experience and a good way of sharing information, learning and socializing.

Marko Čanadi

   After a tour of Zagreb and doing all the activities we had planned, the team from the E-medica moved towards to the houses and flats were we host girls from Slovenia. And with me so, welcome Tjaša. In short, clearly, we came very tired and ready for sleep but before it we talked a little bit, as far as possible. I felt responsible for her and I asked her the all the time if she ok, does she need something.. I finally understood my mom, which is more than annoying when we have guests, at least it was until now, because I saw that it is not for no reason. I hardly understand Tjaša so we used pantomime and carefully listen each other. It was very funny and charming. We laughed themselves how much we do not understand simple questions. I tried to persuade her to sing me a song, but she really is a tough nut to crack. My wish is not fulfilled and she stayed misterious girl with nice voice which I didn't hear in the singing version. But all in all it was a nice experience for me. Time passed quickly, and morning came even faster, but I hope that Tjaša felt comfortable and welcome in my little home.

Tanja Vrščak

   After sightseeing and all the homework done within the E-medica, we headed for home, and my home. With me went Janja. A beautiful girl that I am very pleasantly surprised and showed me how interesting a host of other states, especially when so beautifully along. Us different languages ​​can not a problem just need to listen carefully. When we arrived we talked about that day too, and about general things. Janja is thrilled and my family and will always be welcome in my home as part of the E-medica, as well as a friend.

Dajana Benko

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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