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Exchange of students and practical exercises in the "Rescue From The Water 2" (Zadar, September 15-19,  2014)  Exchange of students and practical exercises in the "Rescue From The Water 2" (Zadar, September 15-19, 2014) Minimize

Students exchange in project "Rescue From The Water 2"

- Maribor in visit to the Medical and Naval schools in Zadar -


    Students Health and beauty school Maribor participating in the project "Rescue From The Water 2" came, within weeks of a wider exchange students Maribor and Zadar medical school, in the continuation of the joint project. We gathered at Monday, 16 September 2014, at 9 am in the school, heading for the pool Visnjik where we had agreed term exercise rescue from the water.
All students participating in the project were present were guests from Maribor and also the carriers of this project Joži Rečnik & Matic Drozg Petrovič with the leade prof. Aleš Voho, from Maritime School Zadar Joško Narančić & Mateo Šestan, and from Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanića Josip Beretin, Violeta Bošnjak, Marija Sakić, Paulo Tarokić & Ivan Stijepić with mentor Anita Mišković.
   In the pool the students learned and practiced different techniques rescue a drowning man, and then the teacher Anita Raljević Špralja held a demonstration of emergency procedures in the drowning.
    At the pool we spent an interesting and very useful work in the morning, and then we escorted our guests in a hostel in Borik.
   The next day was reserved for a joint trip to Zadar, where we visited the Nin salt-pan, and then met with the city of Nina and its national and rich history.
Thursday was designed to operate at a wider program of exchange students, so we have not had any activity on our joint project. With that, we are all preparing for evening entertainment joint. And there we met new friends.
The last day of Maribor students stay in Zadar marked by a small sports game involving all participants in the exchange, and thus our project.
Upon completion of the match was followed by a video conference in the school library where they approached us and school representatives from Maribor and then the allocation of certificates of participation in this exchange students.
We escorted our guests to the hostel, a little socializing and our friends were on our way to Maribor. Like every parting was a little sad, but not so much because we know that soon we see again, but in November Terme Tullamore, on the 8th Festival "Days of E-medica" when we present all the things we did during the last school year.

Anita Mišković

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