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Exchange students in the "Thyroid 2 - the impact of lifestyle on the young thyroid" (October 3, 2014)  Exchange students in the "Thyroid 2 - the impact of lifestyle on the young thyroid" (October 3, 2014) Minimize

Thyroid 2 - the impact of young people´s lifestyle on the functioning of the thyroid gland

   On October 3rd, 2014 at School for Nurses Vrapče a student exchange took place among the host School for Nurses Vrapče, School for Nurses Mlinarska and School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić. All three schools are involved in the project.

    On "E-medica Days 2014" the project will be presented through a billboard. We will distribute flyers containing fundamental facts about the importance of thyroid for our health.We had also made a poster showing data gained by a survey, which had been conducted among students of all three schools. In pleasant atmosphere mentors and students exchanged their experiences, compared survey analyses and commented on them.
   Next day Biserka Šavora, a person in charge of the project, sent charts to students of all schools to fulfill them with results of their research, as previously agreed. During the meeting we also agreed on an apperance and a form of the billboard and came to conclusion that the billboard should be attractive and the flyers educational. Students Petra and Bianca will make the billboard while Andrea, Paula and Karla will participate in filling in data.
   Next meeting will take place in two weeks at School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić when all materials will be finished and all participants will see a result of their work.
   We are impatiently waiting for reactions to the billboard on 8th E-medica Days 2014“

Mentors: Anita Buble-Ocvirek i Biserka Šavora

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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