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Students from School of Nursing Vinogradska and Vrapče at the beginning of the project  Students from School of Nursing Vinogradska and Vrapče at the beginning of the project Minimize

  May 28, 2015:

 "Leading the blind and visually impaired patients"

    This year the School for nurses Vinogradska Zagreb are participating at E medica together with our colleagues from School for nurses Vrapče, on a project with a theme Leading the blind and visually impaired patients. In the beginning of May, we held our first meeting with our colleagues where we met and using brainstorming agreed on the way we will implement "our project" and also agreed the next meeting. Between the two meetings, we've done the agreed tasks. We've put together a questionnaire and we conducted research related to our project on 100 students from both schools.
   On May 28, 2015 we get-together and held our second meeting during which we visited a very interesting and educational Typhlological Museum in Zagreb, where we looked new/permanent exhibition. We have try to orient in a dark room, got acquainted with the development of letters for blind people and tried to write a letter.
   Through the visit to the museum we got a lot of useful information that allow us a better understanding of people with visual impairments. Also we felt the message that Typhlological museum is sending with his work, and that is the message of humanity, good intentions and respect for diversity. We took some photos.
   New meeting will be at the start of new school year, where we are expecting the continuation of "planned steps" of our project ... ...

    We look forward to a new meeting!!!

Aleksandra Vidoša     


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