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The students of Medical School Osijek visited Zagreb and work on the project "Croatian Independence War"  The students of Medical School Osijek visited Zagreb and work on the project "Croatian Independence War" Minimize


Visit of our Dear Guests from Slavonia!

     On Monday, September 28, 2015 our school, Medical College Zagreb, was visited by a nurse and professor Ana Takač from Medical school in Osijek and her students Melissa Lobb and Marinela Kupanovac. Their visit was primarily of a business character regarding the project "E-medica". The topic of the project for this year's "E-medica" is follow-up of the last year's study of the work of the medical corps during the Croatian Independence War.

   We gathered Medical Schools from Bjelovar, Dubrovnik, and Osijek and asked them to tell us the story of the war medical service in their respective cities.
   Guests from Osijek impressed us with an interesting interview with the head nurse of the war-time hospital in Osijek, Teresa Farkaš, as well as with the written testimony of dr. Peh who led the intensive care unit in the Osijek hospital. It was very moving and emotional.
   After reviewing the collected materials, we have discussed and agreed on further work on the project. It was important to visit the National Archives, where some interesting documents from the war and post-war period are kept.
   At the Medical Faculty in Zagreb, we found the archived documents with the names of patients from clinics and hospitals during the war time as victims of war or as victims of landmines in the post-war period. Together with the names and their diagnosis, the treatment protocols were also available to study. The high level of organization of the medical corps is seen in the approach to the collection, sorting and storing important medical records. This documentation is today a source of relevant information for projects on e-medica.
   After work, we had a visit to the zoo.
   In the evening, the headmaster Hrvoje Odak gave us tickets for the Croatian national theater where we watched the play Far Country by Austrian author Arthur Schnitzler.

Maša Mayr Radonić prof. and students Andreja Šolaja and Kristina Šoštarić

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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