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Students from Medical School Varaždin visited the Health University of Zagreb  Students from Medical School Varaždin visited the Health University of Zagreb Minimize


Exchange of students from Medical School Varaždin and the Health University of Zagreb

     Within the preparations for the E-medica Days 2016, students of Medical School Varazdin (Antonia Dovečar, Dorotea Hubek and Nikolina Kolenko) visited the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry in Zagreb on the 3rd of December, along with their mentor professor Nataša Vuković. For the festival, taking place from 3 to 6 March 2016 in Tuheljske Toplice, Medical School Varazdin, in collaboration with the Health University of Zagreb, has chosen the subject of Sweet and bitter side of aspartame.

   Arriving at Zagreb, a meeting was held between students of the Health University, Monika Drndelić and Marta Severović and their mentor Maja Gregorić, the associates on the project. After introductions and exchange of experience on the previous activities implemented by both parties, we went to the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry to meet the Ph.D. Valerij Vrček, one of the leading Croatian experts on the subject of aspartame, GMO food, parabens and their impact on health. In a short, but very interesting, educational and professional lecture, the Ph.D. Vrček got us acquainted with the ways of functioning and consequences that aspartame has on the human organism.
   After questions and a brief discussion on the relationship between society and the food industry towards that problem, the professor examined previously prepared parts of the presentation and made suggestions on how to improve our presentation. Accompanied by the professor, we visited the Faculty and got to know the system of studying at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry. After finishing the formal visit, we went to the city and continued our sightseeing in the mood of Advent.
   At the end, we agreed upon our next gathering in January 2016 in Medical School Varazdin so as to finish and align our presentation for the meeting at Tuheljske Toplice next year.

Students: Dorotea H, Antonia D. i Nikolina K.
Mentor Nataša Vuković                 

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