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Continued exchange of students and teachers from school from Zadar and Maribor  Continued exchange of students and teachers from school from Zadar and Maribor Minimize

Exchange students of Secondary Health and Cosmetic Schools Maribor and Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanić Zadar


Another successful and memorable
exchange students in Maribor

     The cooperation of students and teachers of Central health and beauty schools Maribor and Medical School Ante Kuzmanić takes place in the framework of E-medica already seven to eight years. After the guests from Maribor stayed in a five-day visit to our school and Zadar, continued work on the joint student projects "E-medica", but also getting to know the school and socializing continued.

   Our stay in Maribor started on Monday, January 18 and lasted until Friday, 22 January 2016. The exchange was open to students: Alana Lazinica, Vanesa Zrilić, Magdalena Franjić, Kristina Rogić, Josipa Marić, Antonija Tržić and Nikolina Birkić; and teachers: Ljiljana Grginović, Luka Plazina and Sonja Šare.
   The cold outside had no effect on the warmth with which we were welcomed by our hosts.
   First day of our staying we spent in school with words of welcome and special musical and literary program. After that we had a tour around the city, this year in a special way-by a tourist train.
   Tuesday was scheduled for participating in theoretical calsses and practice in the cabinet followed by a tour around the hospital. We had an unforgetable evening bowling with our professor Luka and Demi, Larisa and a few more students from Maribor.

    Then came Wednesday, a day we've all been waiting for and a trip to Pohorje. A ride in „gondola“ to a ski resort was a challenge even for the bravest when there's a fear of heights. In the afternoon we showed our cooking skills with our „chef“ Mumin and a couple of other students and professors from Maribor by cooking and making traditional deserts by the recipes of professors Ana and Romana. Hospitality and kindness of the personel in University Clinical Center Maribor was on the highest level. Our friends followed us and included us in practice in Departments of Nephrology, Gynecology, Traumatology and Psychiatry.
   On Thursday evening we had a Goodbye Party with excellent organisation and the host was Teo, our well-known friend. It was all about games, music and dancing but it wouldnt be the same if there wasn't for our „DJ“ Mišo and all of our other new friends. Our staying in Maribor has helped us finish our current projects and plan the new ones that we'll introduce in Tuhelj.
   Friday came too soon and we had to say goodbye. It was hard to leave because even though we were there for only five days it felt like we were there for months. We'll remember this for a long time.
    We are very grateful to headmistress Mrs Katja, Prof Mojca, Prof Martina, Prof Aleš, nurses Ana, Anita and Natalija and the rest of the professors and our friends in school.

See you soon at the 9th Festival "Days of E-medica 2016" in Terme Tuhelj.

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