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Students from Zadar to visit Maribor and work on three joint projects  Students from Zadar to visit Maribor and work on three joint projects Minimize

Students from Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanic
Visiting Secondary Medical and Cosmetology School Maribor

(January 30, 2017  -  February 03, 2017)


    On Monday, January 30, 2017 we hosted students from twin Secondary Medical School Ante Kuzmanić Zadar. For this occasion we have prepared a special program for them, because some of them for the first time visited the city of Maribor.
   After we showed them our school, as well as tour guides we took them on a tour of our city. They were pleasantly surprised.
   The next day we were joined on our regular classes, but after we visited the University Medical Centre Maribor. Here we have together done 4 hours of professional training. We showed them the way we work in the hospital, and they were delighted to nyou way I'm doing an exercise, which applies in the hospital, which is very different from theirs.
To week was full, we went on a trip to Ptuj and in Dornava. She followed the game at the rink, and then competed in bowling.
   During their stay the students are the groups had meetings and worked on joint projects ("Euthanasia", "Biological agents in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease" and "Life of children with type 1 diabetes"), which will be presented at the 10th Festival Days of
"E -medica 2017" in Terme Tuhlju for several weeks.
   The last day we have them share certificates and wished them good luck and a safe journey home.
   Together we spent a few beautiful days and we are sorry that they had to leave so quickly. We promised them that we will soon see each other again, and agreed on some opportunities to work on the following new joint projects.

Daša Sprinčnik


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