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The first exchange of students within project " The dark past of mental hospitals"  The first exchange of students within project " The dark past of mental hospitals" Minimize

The first exchange of students within project
"The dark past of mental hospitals"

    A first exchange took place on Monday, 24 October 2016 at the Medical School Bjelovar where we planned our project. The project also involves the School of nursing Vrapče from Zagreb, High School Čakovec and Medical and cosmetic high School Maribor.
   In the areas of Medical School Bjelovar we hosted teachers and students of the participating schools. At the beginning we were greeted by our coordinator Marina Šostaric who wished us a pleasant and productive work on the project. We were also welcomed by our school director Biljana Balenović who was coordinator for a long time. Then we introduce ourselfs and exchange ideas and experiences related to the topic of our project. We visited the Institution for mentally ill adults in Bjelovar where we were very well welcomed, they showed us the whole place, explain us the way they work, the problems they face, and we had the opportunity to socialize with their patients. In the end, presenter and director responded to all the questions we were interested in, and we were in company of two dogs that have a therapeutic effect on users.
   After returning to school we established tasks that need to be done by the next meeting which should be in Maribor, 7 December 2016. We have agreed that in the coming period we will explore history of mental hospitals in a way that students from Bjelovar will explore the history mental hospital in the world, students from Čakovec will explore the history of mental hospitals in Croatia, students from Zagreb will investigate history of psychiatric hospital Vrapče, and students from Maribor will explore the history of slovenian mental hospitals. So at the next meeting, together we will emphasize the similarities and differences of mental hospitals and in this way we will touch the problem of stigma and ethics.
   Student participans of the project are Lucija Pintarić, Nikolina Cmrečnjak i Lara Vinko from Čakovec, Tjaša Matko, Barbara Vidovič from Mariboro, Ana Hršak, Dorotea Čusak i Đurđica Stiperski from Zagreb and Luka Pandurević and Matija Majerić from Bjelovar.
   Mentors are Natalija Kirbiš (Medical and cosmetic high School Maribor), Zlatica Šimunović (School of Nursing Vrapče), Dunja Gašparić and Maja Posedi (High School Čakovec) and Nina Plažanin (Medical School Bjelovar).

Nina Plažanin, psychologist - prof.

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