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Exchange on project „The Correct Breathing Technique – Influence On Voice And Speech“  Exchange on project „The Correct Breathing Technique – Influence On Voice And Speech“ Minimize

The first exchange of students within project
"The Correct Breathing Technique – Influence On Voice And Speech"

    On thursday 27th October 2016 disciples of the Medical school Bjelovar, Ana-Marija Komljenović and Tamara Kavedžić including the mentor Zorko Renić, visited the Medical school Varaždin at 8'o clock where they met disciples of the Medical school Varaždin: Adrijana Leskovar, Brankica Gašparić i Monika Škreb along with the mentor Jadrankom Težački.
   We made our way to the General hospital Varaždin, Phoniatric diagnostics office, where the speech therapist Nenad Jertec awaited with a small group of patients, anti-dysphonia therapy participants. Disciple exchange took place at the fourth day of the therapy, but disciples of the Medical school Varaždin attended the therapy since monday.
   All together we arrived to the gymnastics hall where we performed fluent berathing exercises, muscule relaxing and streching, face massages, guided visualzation and meditation and phonics exercises. After that went to the lecture hall where we had
phonics exercises again, with professional assistance of following the PC programme Praat which helped us get an insight to the intensity and frequency of our voices. We practised relaxed speech using the abdominal breathing technique, muscule relaxation, reducing speech force. The point of the therapy is to automate usage of the correct breathing techniques and to optimize the voice intensity and frequency: no voice motion (motorics), covered ears (vibration), closed eyes (sound perception), placing a hand in front of the mouth (modificated sound). Focus can be replaced from vocal chords to face mimics. With a quote „Voice is an energy“ we finished the therapy at the hospital and decided to take a walk around Varaždin. The therapy in OB Varaždin lasted 8.30 – 13.00 hours, including two breakes (10-20 minutes).

   After the walk we had a lunch at the student restoraunt, after which we went to the medical school Varaždin, where our guests went through all specialized laboratories and the computer science cabinet and school library. They also met the school coordinator for e-medica, teacher Nataša Vuković. Then the disciples of Bjelovar along with their mentor took place in the food chemistry class which has been guided by Nataša Bosilj and exercises in chemistry laboratory, which our disciples-guests found interesing and entertaining, because they're farmacy tehnicians so they met disciples of the same interests and goals.

   At 17.30 our guests from Bjelovar said goodbye to us 'til the next disciple exchange which was planned to take place in december this year in Bjelovar.

Jadranka Težački, prof.

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