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Students from Pula, Zadar, Varaždin, Slavonski Brod and Novo mesto
in visit  Mlinarska Zagreb

    On October 10, on the premises of Mlinarska School of Nursing a student exchange was organized within three projects: "Financial literacy - Can highschool students manage their money", "Ergonomics" and "Natural cosmetics 2 - The use of medicinal herbs in cosmetics". In exchange we get the students and mentors from the Medical School Pula, Maritime School Zadar, Medical school Varaždin, Secondary Medical School Slavonski Brod, School of Business, Administartion and Commerce Zadar and Medical and Cemical School Novo mesto.
   After getting introduced to each other we took our guests for a tour of our school, where they could take part in our nursing care classes as well as anatomy and physiology classes. After lunch students and mentors continued their activities according to the project schedul

Natural Cosmetics 2 – The use of medicinal herbs in cosmetics

   Students from Pula Medical School, Varaždin Medical School and Medical School Slavonski Brod attended a joint workshop where they made various cosmetic products based on lime macerate:

a) facial tonic based on aloe vera gel
b) facial cream based on lime
c) lip care stick based on marigold
d) protective cream (balm and butter) based on marigold

   All the time we supervised and assisted by Dubravka Gabrić, qualified engineer of chemistry and project manager Đurđica Stanešić. We exchanged knowledge and experience, and learned some new things as well. After the practical part we discussed the ways of presenting our project at the closing of the event. We made fliers with recipes of our cosmetic products.
   ... We liked the concept of the project so we decided to join it. We got the opportunity to meet students from other health schools and exchange experience, which we liked best. Also, the workshops were educational and very interesting. We returned home from Zagreb with lots of wonderful impressions. The school tour was great and our hosts were very friendly. They really put a huge effort to make the project so succesful. The knowledge we got on the preparation of various cosmetic products will be very useful in our future job. We are glad that the workshops went so well, which means that the time of our holidays spent on the preparation of marigold macerate was not in vain. The only minus was that the great time we had in Zagreb passed so quickly. But, we are looking forward to a regethering...

Ivana Skuzin, Ines Banfić, Tea Vujnovac from Varaždin

Financial literacy – Can highschool students manage their money?

    Participant schools in this project were Zadar Maritime School and Zadar School of Business, Administartion and Commerce. Students from Zadar School of Business, Administartion and Commerce held two workshops in class 1B and 4B, the topic was financial literacy. An agreement was reached that the same workshops should be held in two 1st grades and two 4th grades of all schools participating in this project. Results of the poll conducted before and after the workshops will be transfered to our school who is running the project and to project manager Marica Bakin Batnožić. The results of the inquiry outcomes will be exibited at the end of the project.
   After the workshops and further arrangements about the project, teachers and students had enough time for a short tour of the city and shopping, despite the tedious rainy weather.


   Schools participating in this project are Novo Mesto Chemical and Medical School and Zadar Maritime School. The project manager Đurđica Stanešić introduced all participants with the theoretical and practical part of the project. The aim is to research specific issues in the class room, at a hospital ward and on board a ship with regard to ergonomics.
   ...students of Novo Mesto Medical and Chemical School took part in the first student exchange on 10th October, 2016. We visited the Mlinarska School of Nursing in Zagreb. We were all excited about the event. Some of us had already taken part in the project E-Medica. The first impressions were great. We enjoyed the hospitality of our friends and host from 'Mlinarska'.
   We presented our so- far work on the project Ergonomics and the project Kidney Health – your choise. We agreed on our work in the forthcoming months.
   In Zagreb we attended and participated in Anatomy classes and Nursing care classes. We met students from Zadar Maritime School and Zadar Business, Administartion and Commerce School. We agreed to exchange ideas and communicate by means of social media.
   Timotej Bučar and Anja Berk (3rd-graders) who joined us this year, were welcomed in Zagreb, so they are looking forward to a new gathering.

Marija Marguš, 4A ZN, Simona Petretič and Nikola Staniša 4B ZN


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