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Second exchange of students within project " The Dark Past Of Mental Hospitals"  Second exchange of students within project " The Dark Past Of Mental Hospitals" Minimize

Second exchange of students from Bjelovar & Zagreb
within project "The Dark Past Of Mental Hospitals"

   Second students exchange in project "The Dark Past In Mental Hospitals" took place on Monday, February 6, 2017, when students and mentors of Medical School Bjelovar visited School for Nurses Vrapče, Zagreb. We took a tour of the Clinic of Psychiatry Vrapče. We visited the hospital museum which we were very impressed by and which showed dark, and the bright side of psychiatry throughout history. We liked the Seclusion room and the old diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Then we visited the Occupational therapy where we have seen a variety of works of patients, some of them we bought. We visited the gallery "Slave Raškaj" where we saw the exhibition "Advent in Zagreb" and various instruments. In the end we went to the Daily hospital.

  Through gathering we have developed the main theme of our project. Everyone held their presentation about the dark history of psychiatry and psychiatric hospitals in Croatia. Through research, we found that this is a wide topic and we agreed that we will extend our project and the next year. This year we will show only a dark past, and next year we will deal more with the present.

   Our meeting ended in the afternoon and we look forward to a new gathering in Tuhelj.

Students: Ana Hršak, Đurđica Stiperski, Dorotea Čusak, Matija Majerić,
Luka Pandurević, Sanela Šumečki, Lucija Pintarić i Lara Vinko

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