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      One of the primary segments of the "E-medice" and students exchange, how the project is provided, students (3-5 students), with their leaders go to visit other medical school where participating in regular teaching process. In this way, students and their teachers are familiar with the work of the school, and thereby saved the preparation of joint projects.
   This segment of "E-medice" should improve communication and meet each school. Students through the meetings and participate in class tended to view education prces in a completely different way and shared experiences in their communities.
   Teachers learn about other schools, their colleagues, their working methods, new approaches to vocational training, new pedagogical approaches, new programs, as well as the use of new IC technologies in the educational process.....

    For all information related to this segment of the E-medica project contact the head-leader of the National Project Team for Exchange Students: Natalija Šnidarić on email: natalija.snidaric@skole.hr.
    In School Years 2017/2018 were realized following exchange:


120 - Two exchange in project "I Am Not Cigarette's Target" (19th December, 2017 & 20th January, 2018)
119 -
Third exchange "Algae – usage in pharmacology, culinary and cosmetics" (16th January, 2018)
118 -
Video conference "Ancient Therapies for Modern Disorders" (14th December, 2017)
117 -
Exchange on project "Attractiveness of the Nurse’s profession" (18th December, 2017)
116 -
Exchange in Pregrada on project "Body Memories" (19th December, 2017)

115 -
Second exchange in project "future of mental hospitals" (Januar 17th, 2018)
114 -
Two exchange in project "Steroids in adolescence" (October 27th & 16th December, 2017)

113 -
Exchange in Čakovec on project "Fathers and Breastfeeding" (December 20, 2017)

112 -
Exchange in Šibenik on project: "Anthropological Medicine" (December 13, 2017)
111 -
Exchange in Šibenik on project: "Placebo You Are!" (December 13, 2017)
110 -
Exchange in Zagreb: "Algae – Culinary, Cosmetic and Pharmacological Use" (December 14, 2017)
109 -
Exchange in Čakovec on project "Bright future of mental hospitals" (December 6, 2017)
108 -
Video-conference Zadar-Zagreb in the project "Financial Literacy 2" (November 24, 2017)
107 -
Exchange 5 schools in the project "Adipositas" in Novo mesto (October 19-20, 2017)
106 -
Exchange 6 schools in the project "First Aid - Right Assistance" in Sr.Mitrovica (October 19-21, 2017)
105 -
Exchange 6 Schools in Zagreb on two projects (October 9-10, 2017)
104 -
Exchange in Zagreb on project "Ergonomics 2" (October 5, 2017)


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