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Students exchange in Zagreb on project "Ergonomics 2": "Spine Health Protection"  Students exchange in Zagreb on project "Ergonomics 2": "Spine Health Protection" Minimize

Raeport On Visit To The SoPH As Part Of "Ergonomics 2"
project "Spine Health Protection"

(October 05th, 2017)


    On Thursday, 5th of October, 2017, the students and mentors of the School for Medical Nurses Mlinarska (Škola za medicinske sestre Mlinarska) and the School for Medical Nurses Vrapče (Škola za medicinske sestre Vrapče), part of the E-medica project Ergonomics 2 – Spine Health Protection, visited the School of Public Health „Dr. Andrija Štampar“ (Škola narodnog zdravlja „Dr. Andrija Štampar“).
   The goal of the visit was for the parties involved to gain first-hand experience of the process needed for scientific research associated with the project, including a tour of the establishment archives and actions attributed to said research in both physical and digital form.
   We were welcomed by an associate of the School of Public Health, Sen Dobrić, dipl. Bookkeep, who gave us a tour around the archives and further informed us on the database and digital access to files and research concerning nursing and spine health.
   We were informed on the benefits concerning our research that we get by doing it in the library, as opposed to simply exploring it at home via the web.
   After the lecture on digital sources of information, we indulged in a tour around the rest of the library. We observed many different books concerning medicine, including the very first science and health magazines published within the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

   We were impressed by the scope of the archive, that is, the information on offer at the library.
   We were glad that all the services the library provides are free for the public, especially students such as ourselves.
   The visit (and consequent report) was quite interesting, and useful, as we found out about various ways we can gain access to information with the purpose of scientific and educational progress.

Written by: Antonio Ćavarović, 3.b
Translation: Arian Jarić-Dauenhauer, 3.d


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