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Working in two projects, students from 6 schools participated in a two-day exchange in Zagreb  Working in two projects, students from 6 schools participated in a two-day exchange in Zagreb Minimize

Two day student exchange as part of projects
"Ergonomy 2 – Spine Health Upkeep" and
"Algae – Use in Cuisine, Cosmetics and Farmacology“ projects"

    On Monday, 9th of October, 2017, and Tuesday, 10th October 2017, the student exchange has been successfuly implemented in the School for Medical Nurses Mlinarska within the E-medica projects: "Ergonomy 2 – Spine Health Upkeep" and "Algae – Use in Cuisine, Cosmetics and Farmacology". As part of the exchange, mentors and students of the Maritime School Zadar, Medical School Varaždin, Health and Chemistry School Novo mesto, Medical School „Draginja Nikšić“ from Sremska Mitrovica and School for Medical Nurses Vrapče.

On the first day,  we recieved the students and mentor from Medical School "Draginja Nikšić" from Sremska Mitrovica. After they settled in the school dormatory, they were given a tour around the KBC Dubrava clinic and its' Oxy-Barokomore Zagreb department. We were greeted by the headmaster, Dr. Dejan Andrić, who gave us a history lesson on the hyperbaric chambe, spoke of its use and service for the patients, and then arranged for a nurse to give us a tour around the chamber itslef, detailing how it works.
   After the visit to the clinic, the students and their mentor were given a tour around Zagreb. They also participated in carrying out of the regular class Health Care for the Chirurgical Patient - Basics.

On Tuesday, 10th of October 2017, we were visited by the remaining students and mentors of the projects. After the due acquaintances they were given a tour around the Dormatory of the School for Medical Nurses Mlinarska by the dorm's very manager and associate. They showed a short presentation „Life in the Dorm“ and further elaborated the life and comfort of the students in the dorm.
   During that time, the project „Algae – Use in Cuisine, Cosmetics and Farmacology“, in which the students of MS Varaždin and MS „Draginja Nikšić“ from Sremska Mitrovica (with our own students from SFMN Mlinarska, lead by mentor Đurđica Stanešić) participated, took place. Both the students and the mentors listened out and commented on the short presentations given by the students of SFMN Mlinarska and from the students of Sremska Mitrovica.
   As part of the culinary application of algae, we made:
          - "Miso" soup
          - Arama algae salad, and
          - Canten.
   The second part of the workshop is the use of algae in cosmetics. Due to the occasion, we were given a short lecture by third-party associate, DubravkaGabrić, dipl. eng. chem., and manufactured a face piling cream and a hydration gel.
The workshop for "Ergonomy 2 – Spine Health Upkeep" was lead by expert associate Tatjana Rutonić, shiatsu practitioner i and author of the book Excercises for the Spine, who shared some useful advices for spine health, and showed us some breathing exercises.
   After the workshop, students and mentors got the privilige of participating in the regular Anatomy and Physiology classes, where they were acquainted with the lessons structure and the use of plastic models in teaching/learning.
   Students who were not specially acquainted with EMT procedures found the regular classes of Health Care – Basic very interesting, as well as Health Care of the Healthy Child and Emergency Medical Procedures classes, where they could personally partake in some of the tasks, which they found to be very thrilling.
   This was followed by the final part of the exchange, and that was work on the theoretical part of the project and assignment of further tasks (and activities) in the project.

Patricia Zirdum, 4c


We learned and saw many new things. We await the next exchange with much thrill and excitement.
I thank the professors and students who welcomed us in the most hospitable way!

Tea Vujnovac, Matea Hranić

We liked the visit to Mlinarksa. I learned many new things about algae in a very exciting and interactive way. I most liked the working atmosphere and postivie spirit of both teachers and students during the courses and school tour. Everybody was very generous and comunicative. The teachers and students were very engaged in the presenting of the subjects, and our very own experience.

Martin Petrić         
Medical School Varaždin

We enjoyed the sights and tour around Zagreb, as well as the hospitality of our hosts!

Medical School  "Draginja Nikšić"


 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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