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Video Conference of the Project "Financial Literacy 2" (November 24, 2017)  Video Conference of the Project "Financial Literacy 2" (November 24, 2017) Minimize

Video conference held as part of the project
Financial Literacy 2
24, 2017)


   On Friday, 24th of November 2017, the students of the School for Medical Nurses Mlinarska, Zagreb, Maritine School Zadar and Economic Bureautechnic and Commerce School Zadar held a student exchange via video conference as part of the „Financial Literacy 2“ project.

   After greetings were exchanged, assignments were given to each of the schools. As part of the planned activities, we decided to carry out a new financial literacy workshop in the second and senior grades, which participated in the project last year.

   We also discussed the suggestion that a bank account pack be made for educational purposes, as well as the various possibilities in making the presentation of our project, which is being held for the second year in a row.

Marija Timko i Antonija Vincent   
School for Medical Nurses Mlinarska

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