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First students exchange In Šibenik on project "Antropolic Medicine"  First students exchange In Šibenik on project "Antropolic Medicine" Minimize

First students exchange on project

(December 13, 2017)


    On Wednesday, December 13, 2017 students of the Medical School of Dubrovnik and the Medical School of Zadar visited the students of the Šibenik Medical School, who worked with them on a joint project of Anthropological Medicine.

   Students of Lara Bačić and Anđela Tošić with their mentor prof. Marija Čupić from the Medical school of Dubrovnik and students of Izabela Pribanić and Josipa Vlahović and their mentor Prof. Anita Basioli from Zadar visited the students of the Medical school Šibenik, Saru Podrug, Lucija Plenča and Ivu Zorić and their mentor prof. Željko Turčinov - Skroza. The students exchanged information on the project during the morning. fine-tune the presentation and share ideas for presenting the project. Students of the Medical School Dubrovnik through the six-day presentation presented their colleagues with them in the project about the knowledge of anthropological medicine, influence the spirit on the physical body and their association. The students then jointly designed the printed materials on anthropological medicine to be offered at the stand during the 11th meeting "Days Of E-medica 2018" on February in Terme Tuhelj.
   After the morning morning was followed by an adventurous day trip through the town accompanied by guides, a visit to the fortress of St. Mihovi and enjoy the advent of Sibenik.

   For a successful work, a nice advents gathering, a friendly spirit and gifted memories we thank the director of the Medical School Šibenik prof. Aleksandra Acalin and School Coordinator prof. Snežana Žaja who designed and organized student exchange.

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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