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 The first exchange in Čakovec on the project ”Fathers and breastfeeding”   The first exchange in Čakovec on the project ”Fathers and breastfeeding” Minimize

The first exchange of students in the project

”Fathers and Breastfeeding” in Čakovec
(20th December, 2017 )


   On 20th December, 2017 students from Medical School Bjelovar, Danijela Pelengić and Igor Kafadar with guidance of mentor Tina Jelić Balta visited partner school in project ”Fathers and breastfeeding” Secondary School Čakovec.
   Visit began in 2 pm. Student in Nursing school Pregrada has joined their colleagues in visit. Purpose of the visit was to inform each other with previous achievements in project and deliberation of further options about presenting the project on E-medica. They took in consideration information from questionnaire that has been given to fathers in children daycare and they make decision in which way they will use information from questionnaire in theirs presentation.
   Students make decision to separate presentation in three individual parts and they think out about some additional activities with will enrich the performance.
    Mentors and students agree about timeline for every part of project and they agree about which part of project is which student task.
   The rest of the visit was spent in touring the school, cabinets for health care and others school facilities. Also they enjoyed in each other company. The visit was ended around 7 pm when student and mentors went to their homes.

   It's a nice experience to take part in this project. We have acquired new friends from Čakovec and Pregrada, exchanged opinions and hope that we will successfully achieve our goal and that our project will be successful. It would be a pleasure to stay in touch with the students we worked with.

Igor Kafadar & Danijela Pelengić
Medical School Bjelovar     

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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