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There were two exchanges of students in the project "Steroids in adolescence''  There were two exchanges of students in the project "Steroids in adolescence'' Minimize

There were two exchanges of students in the project
"Steroids in adolescence''


    On Friday, October 27th 2017, the first exchange of students was held within the framework of the project "Steroids in adolescence". Students of school for Medical Nurses Zagreb Luka Komes and Domagoj Stipanović visited the Medical school of Ante Kuzmanić Zadar along with their mentor Irena Crkvenac and pedagogue Zlatica Šimunović.
    We were welcomed by professor Luka Plazina, students of Economics - business and trade school Zadar, Nina Katuša and Dominik Lončar and students of Medical School Zadar, Lucija and Robert Čakarun. We met with a goal of planing a future course of the project. As all three schools received the literature they were supposed to study, we exchanged new knowledge and used it to make a survey for the athletes and the unsportsman that will be conducted in our schools. We decided that we will continue to study the literature for the next exchange and process and analyze the surveys. After that, there was a joint gathering and sightseeing of the old core of the city of Zadar.
The whole team was very pleased with the subject and we are planning to process the subject as best as we can for the presentation in Terme Tuhelj on the 11th convention of „E- medica days 2018.“

  On the 16th of December 2017 within a one-day visit to Zagreb school for medical nurses Vrapče the second exchange of project „ Steroids in adolescence“ was held.
   Students Lucija Čakarun, Robert Čakarun, Nina Katuša i Dominik Lončar were accompanied by their mentors Zdenka Sršen Juričević and Luka Pazina in representation of the Medical school Ante Kuzmanić Zadar and The school of Economics – bussines and trade Zadar. We were greeted by Luka Komeš and Domagoj Stipanović with their mentor Irena Crkvenac. We were welcomed by the school principal Latinka Križnik, who also wished us a pleasant stay and successful work.
   Due to our earlier acquaintances during the previous exchange we were familiar with the working methods of our colleagues so even though it was a working atmosphere , it was also quite relaxed.
We began analyzing the data from conducted surveys in all three schools. Each one of us briefly stated and explained the data that was gathered, and through conversation we agreed which questions were the most important which would be put in our Power Point presentation.
   We have continued our work on the presentation and spent the afternoon trying to make arrangements on the look of our project's presentation at the convention in Tuhelj. We have agreed to present our project through an interesting sketch. Every student got an assignment with a deadline of 20 days to prepare a part of the text they were in charge of. Of course, we'll stay in contact by Facebook, Whatsapp and Skype.
After that we had lunch which was followed by the fun part of our gathering in which we visited and enjoyed winter magic of „Advent u Zagrebu“.
   We spent a really beautiful day in company of our new friends while working on the project which we, with the help of our mentors, created by ourselves. We look forward to our project in „Economics - business and trade school Zadar“ in January.

 Thank you for the support project E-medica: Minimize

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