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Third students exchange in project "Algae – usage in pharmacology, culinary and cosmetics"  Third students exchange in project "Algae – usage in pharmacology, culinary and cosmetics" Minimize

Third students exchange in project
"Algae – usage in pharmacology, culinary and cosmetics"

(January 16,  2018)


     On Tuesday, January 16, 2018, a third exchange of students in the project was carried out at the Medical school Varaždin with the theme "Algae – usage in pharmacology, culinary and cosmetics.
   Our research team (Tea Vujnovac, Martin Petrić and Matea Hranić under the mentorship of prof Nataša Vuković) welcomed our friends from the School of Nurses Mlinarska and Medical School Ante Kuzmanić from Zadar.
   Following the welcoming speech of principal Mirjana Grabar-Kruljac, we had a tour of our school and briefly informed our guests about the organization of the school and courses that can be enrolled, as well as cabinets and laboratories where the practical part of the teaching is held.
   After this introductory part, students and mentors attended practical classes of Pharmaceutical Technology with Cosmetology, where Marija Novak (master of pharmacy) together with 3rd grade students (pharmaceutical technicians) demonstrated the production of grain grease for the protection of the lips and the antiseptic hand gel.
   We also attended a very interesting 2nd year class (physiotherapists) from the Massage course, where the students demonstrated massages of the forearm and hand, while in the second part of the class our guests and their mentors tried out the presented massage techniques on students of class 2d. All this was supervised by teacher Ksenija Janjšević.
  During these activities we have arranged all the details about the design of our joint project, which will be presented on the 11th exhibition in Tuheljske Toplice, from 8 to 11 February 2018.
   The Sremska Mitrovica School also participated in the project, but for objective reasons students and mentors failed to come to Varaždin. The tasks that were set at the beginning of the project were all successfully done together. Each school researched a certain effect of algae. The School of Nurses Mlinarska, who was also the project manager (mentor Đurđica Stanešić), was engaged in the research of the presence of algae in culinary medicine, Ante Kuzmanić Medical School from Zadar (mentor Verica Elveđi) studied the role of algae in cosmetology, while the Draginja Nikšić Medical School from Sremska Mitrovica (mentor Jelena Janjić) was involved in medical research and the effects of algae on human health. The Varaždin Medical School (mentor Nataša Vuković) studied importance of algae as dietary supplements and their pharmacological effects in the detoxification of the organism.
   After all activities, final arrangements and preparations for the 11th exhibition of 'Dani E-Medica 2018' we had lunch. Our visit ended with a pleasant short tour of the Baroque town of Varaždin. After the tour, we said goodbye to our dear friends, eagerly awaiting our reunion at Tuheljske Toplice.

Tea Vujnovac, Martin Petrić i Matea Hranić
with menthor Nataš Vuković         

   I loved our exchange in Varaždin, I was stunned with their hospitality and organization. The physiotherapy class is what I liked the most because we had the opportunity to feel and learn how to give a proper massage.

Patricia Jozić

   At the exchange, I felt relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. I was thrilled to attend pharmacy classes which included the making of grapefruit oil and disinfectant hand gel.

Valentina Gretić

   It was great experience, we could learn and have fun at the same time. I met a lot of people that became my new friends.

Antea Škalec


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