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 Two Students Exchange on project " I Am Not Cigarette's Target"   Two Students Exchange on project " I Am Not Cigarette's Target" Minimize

Two Students Exchange on project
" I Am Not Cigarette's Target"

     The first meeting in the project "I Am Not Cigarettes' Target" was organized in Secondary School Bedekovčina on 19th December 2017; participating schools were School for Nursing Mlinarska, School for Nursing Vrapče, and Secondary school Bedekovčina. The aim of the first meeting was to develop the project's plan and program.

   We had made our first contacts on Facebook, while we spent our first live meeting in a cosy atmosphere, drinking tea and chatting.
   After breakfast, we were introduced with Secondary School Bedekovčina facilities and education programs, than we went to the Old Village Kumrovec Museum to see the exibition „The smoke – Story of tobacco“ organized by Marija Živkoviž from Etnographic Museum Zagreb.
   The exhibition is organized in following structural parts: the first is "Short story" of tobacco which shows the importance of tobacco in pre-Columbian America and spread of tobacco around the World; and the second is "Herba Fiscalis" that shows the importance of tobacco products in traditional economy as well as tobacco products contribution in states budgets.
   The exhibited smoker's accessories show clay pipes which used to be made in Zelovo near Sinj, unique pipes made a contemporary craftsman from Zagreb and Japanese "kiseru" pipes. The parts "Cigarettes in advertising language" and „Cigarettes on film“ are about recent times when cigarettes used to dominate on a film screen and were used in many commercials. The last topic is about the tobacco usage banns in history.
   We have joined the ideas of the Kumrovec exhibition with our project, learned some others interesting facts about smoking, preventions and restrictions and agreed to have an educational workshops about non-smoking habits advantages with Primary school Kumrovec students.
   Our visit ended at about noon and we went back to Bedekovčina to continue our visit in a cosy but working atmosphere.
   Since we had already agreed our tasks via Facebook, each project team member shortly presented and explained their task. We analysed our survey and agreed the details of our presentation.
   After lunch, we finished our presentation and spent the afternoon discussing the details of our presentation we were to give during the meeting in Tuhelj. We assigned tasks again and agreed that, after our Christmas break, each student would prepare the task they were assigned, as well as other tasks before our January meeting; Facebook was agreed to be our communication media.
   We had a really great day getting together and working on our project which we created and developed, of course with a little help by our mentors – Štefica Sukreški, Mirjana Kozina and Sandra Samošćanec.

We are looking forward to seeing again for our next meeting in January, in Zagreb.

   The second, one day, students exchange "I am not cigarettes target" took place on 20th January 2018 in Nursing school Vrapče, in Zagreb.

   Since we had already met each other and got accustomed to our working methods, this meeting was quite cosy although we worked hard. Most of the job we had already completed via Facebook and e-mails, so our task this time was to agree the final details about the presentation we are going to show to our coordinator and other details about our task presentation in Tuhelj, during the following 11th
e-Medica meeting. The rest of the day we spend contemplating the project and, of course, we had a break enjoying delicious pizza.
   After lunch, we also agreed that Secondary School Bedekovčina students would visit "Night of the Museum" (
Noć muzeja) in Kumrovec on 26th January and have a workshop with Primary school Kumrovec students, on the topic the advantages of non-smoking.
   The way we are going to show our presentation will be a secret until 9th February 2018.

   We are looking forward to meeting in Tuhelj very soon.

Emma, Vanessa, Marija, Antonija, Petra, Katarina, Natalija, Martin         


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